Zendesk CTI Connector: The One Piece to Complete Your Customer Satisfaction Puzzle

Zendesk CTI Connector

Want to turn your contact center agents into Sherlock Holmes of customer service? Consider giving them the full picture of the customer with the implementation of CTI connector Just as the remaining piece of a puzzle can keep you from understanding the full picture, a lack of a CTI connector can bring hindrance and obstruction to quality customer service.

A CTI connector brings information from different databases and comprehensively puts it in front of the agent to help drive a more personalized interaction with the customer.

The jigsaw analogy is not only to help you understand how a CTI connector can be beneficial, it is also a fact check that without a CTI connector in place, your contact center is incomplete.

Zendesk CTI Integration

How does a CTI Connector Work?

A CTI Connector works by connecting your contact center telephony sysBoost Customer Service with Zendesk CTI Connector: Elevate agent performance, streamline calls, and provide personalized supporttem with your CRM, ITMS, or other third-party applications.

How does that help?

Well, firstly, a CTI connector takes away the need for manual calling. Since your CRM or third-party application is connected with your telephony system, you can make or receive calls directly from your application interface.

But that’s not all. A CTI connector goes above and beyond digitizing and automating your telephony system. Besides enabling voice calls directly from your computer screen and connecting with third-party applications like CRM, team collaboration applications, helpdesk platforms, etc, a CTI connector can also bring more refined capabilities that are at the core of running a smooth customer service.

CTI Usage Beyond Bridging Telephony System with Computers

A CTI connector also automates and simplifies repetitive tasks. Not to mention, as mentioned above, it also sources information from different channels and presents it on a single screen, helping agents avoid toggling through multiple screens in order to find the right information and lead a contextual conversation.

To better understand how a CTI connector works, let’s consider a real-world example.

One of your customers calls you regarding their recent purchase. They are greeted with an IVR and based on their particular input, they are redirected to the right department and the right agent based on their input.

Now, as soon as the concerned agent gets the update of the call, he also gets the complete information of the customer who is calling right on his computer screen. So, even before the agent has picked up the call, he is aware of the customer’s basic information, purchase history, and other relevant information. So, when the agent picks up the phone, he can greet the customer with their name, empathize with them and assure them a quick solution to their issues with a more personalized approach.

CTI Connectors in the Past

CTI connectors, however, haven’t always been in the picture. The Automatic Call Distributor technology came to existence in the 1970s and was followed by the invention of IVR. It was not until 1990 that Computer Telephony Integration was introduced.

Since its advent in 1990, CTI connectors have been modified and upgraded quite a few times. Now, a CTI is not limited to connecting apps with telephony systems but can take care of a lot of contact center specific tasks to drive improved interactions.

It’s 2023 and CTI connectors have become so advanced that they have become an essential part of customer service.

Zendesk CTI Connector and Its Features

Anyway, the topic of this blog is Zendesk CTI Connector. Now that we have already understood what a CTI connector is and how it works, let’s get into how a CTI Connector functions with Zendesk CRM.

Zendesk CTI integration, as the term suggests, is the process of integrating a CTI connector with Zendesk CRM. The CTI connector will bring the telephony system right to the CRM screen and make customer calls easier to handle.

cti zendesk

As soon as you integrate a CTI connector with your Zendesk CRM, you practically add more features to what your CRM can do for you. With a CTI integration, your CRM can transform how you make and receive calls and interact with your customers.

Here are some of the features that are essential in a Zendesk CTI connector:

  • Enhance your call management capabilities with our dedicated Supervision Interface. Take full control of every call and support your agents in real-time with powerful features like Barge-In, Silent Monitoring, and Whispering.
  • Barge-In enables you to closely monitor calls and step in when agents face challenges in delivering the right solutions. Silent Monitoring allows you to discreetly listen to calls, pinpointing both strengths and areas for future improvement.
  • Additionally, Whispering allows you to actively assist agents in handling customer inquiries, providing immediate support when needed.
  • Say goodbye to cumbersome processes when making outbound calls. Our Click to Dial feature eliminates the need to navigate multiple screens to find contact information. With our CTI connector, you can easily locate the customer’s phone number right beside their information and initiate the call with a simple click.
  • Experience complete call control at your fingertips with our CTI Connector. Gain access to essential call management features such as mute, hold, transfer, and conference, ensuring a seamless customer support experience without compromise.
  • Take advantage of comprehensive call monitoring and analytics. Keep tabs on both successful and unsuccessful calls, gaining valuable insights into your customers’ preferences. Analyze each call to fine-tune your processes, delivering consistently improved customer support.
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All in all, a Zendesk CTI connector can transform how you interact with your customers. We hope this article helped you better understand Zendesk CTI connectors and their functionalities. If you are doubtful about any aspect of CTI integration with your Zendesk CRM, let us know. Reach out to us at marketing@novelvox.com and we will be happy to assist you with whatever issues you are facing.

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