Optimize Your “Industry Specific” Performance with Agent desktops for Amazon Connect

Agent desktops for Amazon Connect

The customer service industry is evolving rapidly to improve customer experiences. Yet, reports say that 60% of First Contact Resolution (FCR) failures are because of agents’ inability to access the right data. Also, according to the CCW Market Study in 2021, scattered & unorganized data is the biggest challenge for 47% of organizations.

As a result, agents spend a major part of the day finding and arranging relevant data related to customer details, transaction history, previous interactions, & more. Subsequently, this results in loss of call quality, context, long hold time and frustrated customers. Irrespective of the industry your business is catering to, contact center tools act as the magic wand to delivering CX.

Advanced NovelVox Amazon Connect Agent Desktop is here to change these facts and revolutionize customer service.

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how Agent Desktops optimize an agent’s performance for each industry:

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Banking and finance:

Deliver exceptional customer experience for banks and financial institutes with unified and integrated Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect contact center. Seamlessly integrate Amazon Connect agent desktop with core banking applications including Jack & Henry Associates, Symitar, Fiserv, FIS, Finacle and other 3rd party applications.

NovelVox offers department-specific templates too, such as loan account, cards department and so on. From viewing customer transaction history to ticket management to other banking activities, all can be done from a single interface without switching screens.

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Healthcare:

Agents don’t have to navigate through multiple screens to find patient information. The integration with EMR/EHR, including EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, etc. enables agents to view information such as details of the last appointment, reports, doctor’s availability and more. Eventually, reducing the wait time and chances of an unpleasant experience.

NovelVox Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect allows agents to transfer calls to the concerned departments without losing the call context or interaction details. An agent is completely empowered to handle every call like a pro with the following details:

  • Access to waiting/surgery/outpatient list
  • Automatic confirmation of patient’s appointment
  • Patient information including DOB, MRN, mobile number, ID details and more
  • Last five visit/appointment details of every patient and more.

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Insurance:

According to a survey, almost 65% of agents find it challenging to juggle between 3-4 different business applications & multiple communication channels. An advanced NovelVox agent desktop resolves the issue by integrating CRM and ticketing applications for the Amazon Connect contact center. It provides a unified experience to agents and optimizes their performance by many folds.

The dynamic screen switch with IVR inputs makes interactions more focused. An agent can guide the caller regarding their defined policy without wasting time in asking their details, policy number, contact number and so on. Personalized experience from Amazon Connect agent desktop for insurance helps businesses grow trust. Now agents can:

  • View customer information and policy details
  • Update customer records instantly
  • Manage claim settlement and other reimbursements
  • Share list of hospitals, stores and more
  • Guide about policy maturity, exclusions, payment statements etc. and a lot more.

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Retail:

Companies are striving to create a personalized customer experience that meets buyer’s needs in the most precise manner. A report by Accenture says that 73% of customers prefer companies that use their personal data to create a relevant shopping experience. When agents have easy access to various touchpoints through which the customers interact with the business, they have an edge in providing personalized shopping experiences. And this is achievable for your Amazon Connect contact center with a unified and integrated NovelVox Agent Desktop.

It offers seamless integration with 3rd party applications. Now agents can reduce call handle time and improve call resolution from the advanced Amazon Connect Agent Desktop. Further, the interface can be customized basis business requirements for agents to focus only on relevant fields. Agent are benefited with features like:

  • Unified view of customer information
  • Integration with CRM and 3rd party application
  • Department-specific screen with no juggling of screens

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Telecom:

Time management & performance go hand in hand. In the telecom industry, there’s no time to struggle between screen but to focus on delivering seemaless customer experience. Coupled with the high attrition rate in the customer service industry, training drains a sizable amount of time & effort as new employees keep filling in.

Here, Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for telecom allows agents to focus on things that matter the most—ensuring customer satisfaction. It offers seamless integration with Oracle SIEBEL, SAP or any other 3rd party applications. An agent can now handle billing queries, update plans and resolve more queries from a single desktop without switching screens. An agent can access information like:

  • Customer demographic and geographic details
  • Customer’s plan details
  • Device being used
  • Running of outbound campaign
  • Access and updated customer billing details and more

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Credit Unions:

For members, a call to credit union is all about serious discussion related to finances. There’s no time to engage agent into training or juggling with screens to fetch caller information. For Amazon Connect contact centers, it is much easier as the unified and integrated Agent Desktop enable agents to focus on conversation with members instead of struggling with technology.

NovelVox offers integration with core applications like Symitar Epysis Quest or Fiserv DNA, FIS, etc. A member can be guided to resolution without switching screens from their Amazon Connect Agent Dashboard. Agent is empowered with features like:

  • Seamless integration with core applications for Amazon Connect contact center
  • AWS Agent Desktop optimized for credit union
  • Save operational cost by 30%
  • Unified view of member information

Amazon Connect Agent Desktop for Government:

Government departments, counties and federal governments need to handle citizens’ queries day in and day out. In such tight schedule agents seek a power-packed contact center solution, i.e. Amazon Connect Agent Desktop, that ensures high-level citizen experience. NovelVox offers a unique desktop for each department. The unified solution enables agent to access all citizen information even before the call is answered. Some amazing features of this industry-specific desktop include:

  • Connect entire database with 3rd party applications
  • Empower agent with a unified view of citizen information
  • Department-specific desktop like for 311 services and more


Simplifying work, unifying processes, personalizing experiences, minimizing time wastage & analyzing performance are crucial factors in optimizing performance but are incomplete without a motivated & happy agent. By decreasing manual work & automating processes, agent desktops help you tick the happy agent factor. Thus, they are now more likely to create memorable experiences for your customers as well.

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