Make Customer Experience Merrier with Amazon Connect Salesforce Integration

Amazon Connect Salesforce CTI

It’s that time of the year! Yes, Christmas is around the corner and you’re still wondering how to intensify the potential of your Amazon Connect contact center. Maybe, you should ask for a Salesforce CTI as a gift from Santa Claus. It could be the missing chunk that can augment customer experience at the drop of the hat.

Santa would surely appease you with Amazon Connect Salesforce Integration that’d uplift the contact center KPIs like FCR, AHT, and CSAT scores. After all, customer experience matters for Santa Claus else he might have a couple of abandoned requests for gifts.

So this Christmas, get ready to delight your customers by elevating their experience with Amazon Connect Salesforce integration. Hop on the sleigh.

Amazon Connect Integration with Salesforce – Jingling Its Need For Smooth CX

As per a report filed by Forbes in October 2023, 75% of customers abandon a brand owing to poor customer service. Moreover, reiterating everything to agents over & over again contributes to the degrading retention rate.

To suppress & eventually eliminate such alarming numbers, the Salesforce CTI Connector comes to the rescue. Let’s understand the need for integrating Salesforce with Amazon Connect better with the help of a real-life example.

Improving Customer Support with Salesforce CTI Connector for Amazon Connect

The contact center of a company receives a high volume of customer inquiries and service requests daily. These requests usually come through different communication channels like email, phone, and web chat.

To manage operations, the company integrated its Amazon Connect with the Salesforce CRM by using a CTI connector.

The Salesforce CTI connector for Amazon Connect simplified several operations for contact center agents. Now, agents do not have to toggle between screens to gather customer information.

Agents can dial & receive calls from the CRM screen as everything is consolidated right there. Moreover, they can greet customers owing to the screen pop that emerges whenever a call comes in. When recognition is fostered, customers feel connected to the brand.

The FCR rates also increased because the skill-based call routing helped address customer calls on urgent priority. During an ongoing call, the Salesforce CTI connector for Amazon Connect captures call data that includes any comments/notes made by the agent.

Since this information is automatically logged in the CRM, it can be accessed for future reference anytime.

Key Features of Amazon Connect Integration with Salesforce

Jingle increased CSAT score all the way by integrating a Salesforce CTI connector for Amazon Connect this Christmas. It has the following features that enhance customer experience.

Seamless Call Handling

With the integrated Salesforce CTI, agents get multiple call controls like automated dialing (click to dial), call transfer, and conferencing with a single click. The click-to-dial feature turns numbers into clickable links for placing outbound calls smoothly & without errors.

Screen Pop

The screen pop is a feature that displays the customer’s information as soon as the call comes in. The information generally includes contact information & details related to the previous interaction. In the case of a new customer, it opens up a fresh customer profile where the agent can confirm details & add them to the CRM.

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Intelligent Routing

Agents cannot compromise productivity levels, especially when call volumes are high. Hence, assigning calls to the skilled agent can resolve customer queries & reduce wait times.

Third-party Integration

Amazon Connect contact center operations can be optimized by integrating third-party applications. Integrating a third-party app, like a knowledge base, provides complete control of the interaction to the agent.

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How Does Amazon Connect Salesforce Integration Benefit Businesses?

Make your business grow during the holiday season with Amazon Connect Salesforce integration. Here’s how it can be accomplished.

Tailored CX

Offering a customized experience to customers is the stepping stone for establishing a long-lasting customer-brand relationship. With Amazon Connect Salesforce integration, it becomes possible for agents to stay updated with the interaction history that aids in offering tailored services to customers.

Unified Customer Interactions

Salesforce CTI connector bridges the gap by linking the CRM with the telephony system. This integration eliminates the need for switching between screens to set up an adequate context for calls.

Extensive Outreach

Reaching out to more potential customers means increased revenue opportunities. The Amazon Connect integration with Salesforce helps expand outreach by automating routine tasks and reducing the average handling time.

Improved Lead Conversion

For every business active in the marketplace, the sole aim is to churn leads and Amazon Connect Integration with Salesforce can ensure lead management effectively. With customer information handy, agents can tailor the conversation to convert the lead into a sale opportunity.

Making Interactions Merrier with Amazon Connect Integration with Salesforce

The synergy between Salesforce and Amazon Connect is a game-changer for enhancing customer experience. The Salesforce CTI connector decorates the Amazon Connect contact center by illuminating its calling capabilities to deliver a personalized customer experience.

You can refine the capabilities of your Amazon Connect Contact Center by integrating Salesforce CTI curated by Novelvox. It has a vast product line that comprises wallboards, chatbots, unified agent desktops, helpdesk tools, and smart CTI connectors. They are compatible with contact centers like Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Dialpad, Five9, NICE, Webex, and Zoom.

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