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Leverage CTI Connectors for Delightful Customer Experience

computer telephony integrations

In the ever-competitive world, it is requisite for call centers to invest a huge amount in innovating technology and introducing more tools for being responsive to customer expectations. The advanced processes used across the call center industry are supported by multiple systems and tools for better quality assurance. One of the leading examples of such types of technology is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).

Across the customer service sector, CTI plays a pivotal role in creating efficient workflows by bridging the gap with its state-of-the-art functionalities. Over the years, it has emerged as an effective omnichannel tool leveraged across industries due to its compatibility with third-party systems without adding any additional device or telephone. It is a seamless system ideal for call centers demonstrating excellent achievements by call center technology over the years.

As there is immense scope to explore with CTI, this blog will take a deep dive into Computer Integrated Technology and understand why it is one of the most preferred technologies and an ideal way to manage call center operations. CTI allows agents to work without needing an actual phone and they can perform regular tasks like answering calls, putting them on hold, or transferring calls.

What is CTI and How does it work?

Computer Telephony Integration or CTI technology allows connecting computer programs to a phone system like CRM to interact and exchange information. It is prominently adopted across the call centers to manage inbound and outbound calls, link customer data, increase overall productivity, and more to garner various benefits.

  1. CTI personalizes customers’ data, offers a 360-degree view of the customer-agent interaction, reduces average customer handling time, enhances efficiency and boosts the customer experience.
  2. The auto-identification of the callers via CRM allows customer support representatives to offer seamless service throughout the customer journey without bothering them with generic and repetitive questions.
  3. Computer Telephony Integrations manage inbound and outbound calls to enhance productivity and efficiency of the contact center.

However, a rapid digital transformation is also dependent upon the integrations available as choices for businesses to enhance efficiency and productivity by leveraging capabilities like click-to-call, screen pops, and more. Thus, the CTI connector is a best-in-class short-term solution for a long-term challenge. This technology can be seamlessly embedded within the CRM or ticketing applications over a single screen with call controls from the telephony solution.

How Agents can make the best use of CTI Connectors?

Agents can make the best use of CTI Connectors in the form of CRM-specific features like Screen Pop, Click to Dial, and more to dominate the customer journey with a seamless experience. Smart CTI Connectors offer some unique functionalities without any coding and enable administrators to customize multiple elements like color, logo, font, and more without any hassle.

                         ( Watch Demo Video )

Benefits of CTI Connectors

Computer technology integrations not only offer updated features but also provide analytics about your customers and your agents like Average call length, Average hold time, number of blocked or abandoned calls, First call resolution, Customer satisfaction, and demographics. Furthermore, CTI connectors not only improve KPIs but also ensure other benefits like:

  1. Improves agent and customer experience with Third-party Integration
  2. Reduces unnecessary operational cost
  3. Ensures customers with Visual IVR communication
  4. Ensures queue callback
  5. Facilitates click-to-call option
  6. Provides scalability
  7. Provides detailed customer records

Let’s explore these benefits in detail to understand the significance of CTI connector in streamlining business operations.

1. Improves agent and customer experience with Third-party Integrations

The smooth CTI Integration and CRM integrations with third-party systems are easy to install that work seamlessly with cloud calling software and each integration offers unique functions for customized workflows.

2. Reduces unnecessary operational cost

Managing inbound and outbound calls from systems instead of desk phones is more cost-effective. Because the technology is based on a subscription model, it becomes a major cost-controlling factor for businesses.

3. Ensures customers with Visual IVR communication

Visual IVR technology is best for customers looking to self-serve themselves. Via digital menus, it allows them to choose the most appropriate options as per their requirements and automatically route the calls to the accurate department without any inconvenience

4. Ensures queue callback

It is one of the best features offering great results as customers can raise a ticket to receive a call from an agent.

5. Facilitates click-to-call option

Sales and customer service agents can dial from their systems and get the customer information. This not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency by eliminating manual dialing. Click here to know how your Sales team can take advantage of CTI Salesforce.

6. Provides scalability

It’s easier to scale call center operations by managing the call volume by leveraging voice calling software.

7. Provides detailed customer records

Screen pop-ups with customer details let representatives analyze the issues and prepare themselves for resolving queries faster.

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Final Thought

CTIs are a major key factor for businesses to improve efficiency and streamline call handling processes. Today’s call centers are much more than merely answering calls. Current computer telephony integrations are crucial in driving CX as they give the context to agents, so they can efficiently resolve the queries.

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