How A Well-Implemented CTI System Leads To Increased Calls And Conversions

CTI System Leads

In a contact center, a sound integration of a computer with a telephone is one of the best ways to manage and handle calls from its customers and provide a highly engaging customer interaction. This integration is achieved by using Computer Telephony Integration or CTI, which enables call management through a computer with a CRM system installed to interact between a contact center agent/employee and the customers. The best thing about this integration is that it offers seamless call management with its inbuilt automatic response system that allows call routing to the most appropriate agent for a highly satisfying customer engagement. What is more, with the help of an effective CTI in place, it is possible to save time and make your responses sharp and to the point.

Here, a CTI connector is required to integrate your CRM system with the telephone seamlessly. But how well this integration is implemented depends on the connector you are using to set up the system. A good quality connector such as Cisco unified CRM connector is indeed a good investment and should be given preference. Effective CTI integration has many benefits, for it enables a highly engaging customer interaction session that helps increase calls and conversions. Some of the leading CTI connectors you can consider for implementation in your contact center include Cisco CTI connector, Avaya CTI Connector, Genesys CTI Connector, etc. Depending upon your specific requirements, you can weigh your options and decide which one is suitable for you. But whichever CTI data connector you choose, its effective implementation is what gets the most out of increased sales and conversions. So, effective implementation and how to carry out the same is one of the highlights of successful contact center operations.

The following steps can ensure a successful CTI implementation that makes for highly engaging and rewarding customer interactions as well as empowers your employees to do better at their job:

Setting up auto-dialing

It is one of the most standout features of a successful CTI CRM integration. By setting up this feature, it is easy to share the call list of your customers with your employees or let salespeople find the customers’ numbers online and call them. Auto dialing feature helps your salespeople have quick access to information about a customer without wasting time looking for the same and rather spending more time talking to a customer than finding and dialing the numbers. Furthermore, integrating CTI with CRM will enable your employees to quickly communicate with your customers and also update their information into the CRM system.

Set up sending out call information to the entire group

In a large organization maintaining a sizeable customer base of varied profiles, there is often a need to disseminate the relevant call information or conversations to the entire group. This feature is very much manageable with the help of effective CTI-CRM integration by way of uploading call information or notes to your CRM system so that everyone can have access to these notes whenever they look for customers’ information in the CRM. CTI offers one more way to send the relevant information by using the email option available in the CTI notepad, which notifies the team members about the relevant information once the notepad is closed after taking note of the information.

Ensure Integration of Data Processing

For a contact center, data is pretty much everything and all too important. But what stands out when it comes to customer data management is the accuracy of the information, and ensuring the same is what you can pretty much achieve with the help of an effective CRM-CTI integration that does both- show and emphasize the accuracy of customers’ data, along with calls related to service requests, employee’s performance and how they spend their time in various activities, and much more. These integrated records can help you plan your business goals and ensure that you have all the relevant information about a highly successful customer and employee engagement.

Cross-system Analysis

Often, it is not easy to carry out sound business analysis, especially when you have to fetch the desired information from two different software or systems. But with effective integration of CTI with your CRM system, it is easy to get different sets of information- call data from CTI; and relevant information related to customer interactions and their efficacy, along with responses through email and social media channels available in your CRM. All this information can be analyzed seamlessly in an integrated system to carry out a sound analysis of your system to bring the best out of it. And it is possible when you have an enabled cross-system analysis by way of CTI-CRM integration.

Emphasize having a flexible, customer-focused system

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of a call center. Therefore, the integrated system should pretty much focus more on relevant things that help you keep your customer base happy through your responses. It is also one of the ways to get increased calls and conversions. And all of this is possible when you allow a fair bit of flexibility, along with a customer-focused approach, in your integrated system to establish a long-term relationship with your customers. A well-planned CTI integration with your CRM system presents exciting opportunities to set up an effective interaction with your customers while allowing a sound analysis of information, which helps achieve communication and business goals for your organization.

CTI Integration

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