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What is ServiceNow CTI?

ServiceNow CTI is a powerful solution that seamlessly connects your ServiceNow platform with your telephony system. It enables customer service agents to place and receive calls from the ServiceNow interface. Acting as a bridge between your business telephony and the ServiceNow platform, CTI simplifies contact centers’ functionality and improves business outcomes.

How Does ServiceNow CTI Work?

CTI Connectors establish a seamless connection between your telephony infrastructure and the ServiceNow platform. First, the telephony switch captures incoming phone calls. The CTI then stores the data from calls and pops a ticket in the ServiceNow interface. This gives agents all the data they need to know about the customer, from their name, contact info, previous interactions, service history, and reason for calling even before the customer utters a hello.

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Does ServiceNow CTI Support OpenAI Integration?


ServiceNow CTI is adaptable and supports OpenAI integration. OpenAI integration brings a new dimension to customer interactions, helping businesses understand customer needs, behaviors, and preferences. Automated responses, powered by OpenAI, contribute to efficiency and responsiveness. Routine tasks can also be handled with speed or precision, freeing up human resources to focus on value-added aspects of customer engagement.

Do I Need ServiceNow CTI for My Business?

Well, the necessity for ServiceNow CTI definitely hinges on the nature of your business operations. But generally speaking, the integration allows for streamlined communication. If your business deals with a substantial volume of customer interactions, especially through phone calls, integration with ServiceNow CTI can elevate the efficiency of your workforce.

The applicability of ServiceNow CTI is often contingent on the unique operational requirements of each sector like Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Credit Unions, Automotive, etc.

How Will ServiceNow CTI Empower My Agents?

ServiceNow CTI empowers agents by centralizing call management within the ServiceNow interface. It provides agents with immediate access to customer information, call logs, and related records in real-time. This access to comprehensive customer information before answering a call enables more efficient and personalized interactions.

Further, agents do not have to toggle between tabs to know who the customer is and what they’re looking for, thus saving time and fostering overall efficiency.

Does ServiceNow CTI Improve CX?

Without a doubt. CTI implementation significantly improves customer experience (CX) by enabling personalized interactions, reducing the resolution time, optimizing call routing, streamlining business workflows, and providing agents with real-time information. When agents have access to customer information right at their fingertips, they can address customer queries better and more efficiently. Hence, CTI ensures a more satisfying and smoother customer journey.

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What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

The total cost of ownership of ServiceNow CTI includes the licensing fees, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses. NovelVox charges an approximate $10 per user per month and the rest of the charges depend upon the sort of customization you choose to go for. To know more you can reach out to our team for an elaborate breakdown of costs.

Generally, the initial investment for ServiceNow CTI setup appears substantial, but it can largely compensate for the losses incurred via disintegrated applications.

As for the training cost, with ServiceNow CTI Connector, you’d require just a single-user license to train any number of agents, thus saving the charges required per user.

Can I Integrate ServiceNow with Other Applications?

Yes, ServiceNow CTI is exceptionally versatile and supports integration with a wide array of business applications. Be it CRM tools, communication platforms, or other business applications, ServiceNow CTI ensures seamless integration with your entire tech stack, helping you create a more streamlined and connected business environment.

It, thus, acts as a unifying force, ensuring that data and functionalities flow seamlessly between ServiceNow and the rest of your business ecosystem.

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What If I Want to Screen Pop a Specific ServiceNow Page or Account?

ServiceNow CTI accommodates customized screen pops based on caller information. You can easily configure the system to automatically display ServiceNow pages or account details when a call is received, providing agents with instant access to information that is necessary for delivering personalized services. The ability to customize screen pops based on caller information enhances the responsiveness of your customer service team and allows them to deliver more personalized and informed experiences.

Can I Make Outbound Calls from Within the ServiceNow Screen?

Absolutely! ServiceNow CTI facilitates not only inbound but also outbound calling directly from the ServiceNow screen. Agents can initiate calls and access customer information without leaving the ServiceNow interface. Agents can effortlessly access customer records, notes, and relevant information while placing outbound calls, enabling better engagement with customers. With this integrated approach, the time spent on toggling between multiple applications is significantly reduced.

Would I Need a Team of Technical Experts to Use the Software?

The user-friendly nature of ServiceNow CTI means that you need not invest in a dedicated team. Training programs can of course be beneficial to help your team understand the functionalities and maximize the potential of integration. This user-friendly process ensures that even individuals with a moderate level of technical proficiency can effectively utilize the software, thus making it accessible to a broad range of users within an organization.

How Can NovelVox CTI Connector Help?

Are you looking to revolutionize your customer interactions and elevate agent productivity? NovelVox Smart CTI Connectors can be the answer to your contact center woes. The cutting-edge solution is designed to seamlessly integrate your existing phone system with CRM/ITSM applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, EPIC, Hubspot, Freshdesk, and Oracle.

Liberate your agents from the clutches of manual hassle and unlock enhanced productivity.

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