8 Reasons Why Gamification in Contact Center is a Necessity

Gamification in Contact Center

The gamified approach has always been exciting and engaging for everyone and so for agents and callers. Gamification in customer service has the power of converting monotonous tasks into interesting ones. Subsequently boosting performance and motivating the agents.

Agents form the most essential part of any contact center. Day in and day out they are expected to achieve their objectives and KPIs. They need to handle large call volumes, improve call resolution, reduce call handle time and more. In such a demanding scenario, it becomes necessary to monitor and award their performance where incentives aren’t enough.

First, let’s understand the scenarios where contact center gamification becomes a necessity

  • Agents are leaving your business because of high pressure
  • They are unable to adapt or not interested in adopting new technologies
  • Agents seem bored or uninterested in doing their jobs. They are stuck in the monotonous task
  • Increase customer dissatisfaction

Here’s how gamification impacts contact centers and saves your business

1. Quick learning aid – Fun element of even serious things has always been an attraction for people especially the ones providing service. For ages games and activities have been used to teach tough concepts. Call center gamification helps in remembering critical things. So, agents can have better guidance of processes and have better inter-team communication when trained with a gamified approach.

2. Performance report – Performance monitoring and reporting are crucial activities for any contact centers’ functioning and success. Gamified reports will make the high-performers feel more confident and further create a higher push among agents to perform better but on a friendly competitive note. Being positive and high-spirited, agents are able to perform their best.

3. Transparency – With gamified wallboards for contact centers, the performance scores will be visible to all participating agents. This helps everyone analyze who is performing how, what are the benchmarks and more. Such a representation grows the interest of people in performing better and stays focused on offering call resolutions. Because all the data is displayed on the floor, there is an urge for better performance from all.

4. Retention – Contact center gamification is one of the factors that can help the business retain employees as the job won’t be just another 9 to 6 shifts but something interesting to keep people motivated.

5. Company culture – When we speak of employee satisfaction, one such thing is gamification. It attracts people, keeps them motivated to have healthy competition. Also, such engagement is likely to increase employees’ association with the organization.

6. New joiners’ motivation – Gamification is sure to spark a zeal among the new people on board. They will be trained soon with the company’s culture, work process, and job expectations. Such activities reduce the attrition rate.

7. Healthy competition – Agents undergo healthy competition where they are able to handle higher call volumes with better call resolutions. This will not leave any contact center as an underperformer.

8. Manage pressure – It is a great way to distress agents even during pressure and makes work more enjoyable. Agents don’t feel being under pressure even after competitive activities. A positive environment removes jealousy or the negative attitude of people among the team. With the positive of gamification, there is lower count absenteeism and more occasions for rewards and recognitions. Subsequently, people are encouraged to put higher efforts into achieving their set goals.

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