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Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop. Manage your team effectively with customizable Real-Time KPIs

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Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktops

Do more with Cisco Supervisor Desktop by NovelVox which provides you with options like-

  • Team Statistics
  • Force Logout, Ready, Not Ready
  • Silent monitoring, Barge In
  • Single/Group/Schedule Agent Reskilling
  • Change Agent Password
  • CSQ / Skill group statistics
  • Precision Queue statistics
  • Reskill precision queue agents
  • Chat – agent to agent & agent to supervisor
  • Send/Schedule Broadcast Messages
  • 3rd Party API integration
  • Configurable Hot Keys

Key Benefits

Smooth CSD/CAD to Finesse Migration

Supervisor Desktop for Cisco Contact Center. View real-time statistics of your agents, teams, skill groups / CSQ, precision queues and many more.

No Separate admin UI for Agent Reskilling, Change Password and Precision Queue updates.

Integrate with 3rd party applications such as WFM, call logger or bespoke applications

Cisco Supervisor Desktop are vital to your call center

Your Supervisors ensure smooth operation of your call center. They solve complex customer queries and provide cover when customer facing agents need help. Call Center Supervisors are vital to ensure your high levels of customer experience are maintained and your overall KPIs are met. All NovelVox Supervisor Desktops are custom built to your exact requirements and are compatible with Contact Center providers from Cisco, Genesys and Avaya.

Integration for an Overall View of operation

Like our Agent Desktops, Supervisor desktops can be integrated to your back office, such as CRMs, inventory or payments system. The supervisor view of this data is often different to that of call center agents. Supervisors require a more ‘helicopter’ view of the data, so informed decisions can be made on resourcing, re-skilling or de-skilling, or system performance.

Tools to maintain high Customer Experience

Supervisors such as Cisco supervisors have the ability to turn off certain tabs on the agent desktop should an internal system fail. This will alert agents not to use the affected system whilst on a live call with a customer and provides an opportunity to apologies to the customer of this fault. Although not ideal, in most cases, the customer understands the situation and that way customer satisfaction is minimally affected.

Cisco agent supervisors can broadcast to agent’s vital operation information in real-time without disturbing the agent whilst on a live call. Such broadcasts keep call center operational information on a ‘need to know’ basis so supervisor KPIs can be met.

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