Empowering your employees to create an exceptional member experience

In the digital era, repeatedly identifying themselves to the Credit Union is highly frustrating for the members. This increases call handle time, long queues on hold, operational cost, affects member experience, and reduces your Member Service Representatives (MSRs). In this time, no one expects the agent to repeatedly switch screens, miss out on conversation context or more ask for member’s details. And here’s where Screen Pop and Agent Desktop for Credit Union comes as a savior.

Download this whitepaper to understand how Screen Pop’s adoption enhances member satisfaction and reduces frustration with improved Credit Union Call Center performance. Automate the manual process of validating member details with Screen Pop core systems.

The whitepaper highlights

• How screen pop enhances agent information and productivity
• Impact of a personalized experience on member and call center productivity
• How unified agent desktop improves agent experience
• Improved FCR and Reduced AHT for Credit Unions

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