Ready Integration

Get ServiceNow Cisco integration to deliver enhanced user experience to contact center agents with advanced tools and features. Agents will now be able to manage and raise tickets right from their agent desktops.

  • Get useful features like call control gadget, agent statistics and call statistics
  • Integration with UCCE, UCCX, CUCM and PCCE
  • Cisco Finesse ServiceNow integration empower agents to manage and raise tickets
servicenow integration with cisco

Unified Customer Details

Cisco UCCX ServiceNow integration will offer true optimized customer service. Provide a single screen view of the entire customer details to the agents to empower them to offer a seamless customer experience.

  • Single pane of glass view experience
  • No more switching screens to look for customer details
  • UCCX ServiceNow integration decreases AHT with improved call resolution
servicenow integration with cisco

Know the Caller

Identify your caller as soon as the call gets connected through ServiceNow Cisco integration. Now, agents can start their calls by greeting the customer with his/her first name and proactively address the caller’s concerns, by accessing all caller details instantly. Agents will get access to open tickets based on IVR inputs to deliver seamless customer experience.

  • Identify your caller even before you answer the call
  • Switch screens as per IVR inputs
  • Cisco ServiceNow Integration proactively address the caller’s issue
servicenow integration with cisco

Optimized Agent Desktop

Design and develop industry-specific optimized agent desktop by integrating Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop with ServiceNow. With Drag & Drop Designer studio, you can easily modify agent desktop as per the industry requirements to obtain maximum results.

  • Agent Desktop optimized
  • Easy modification with Drag & Drop Designer Studio
  • Choose from our pre-built gadgets to get a head start
servicenow integration with cisco

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Performance Dashboard Gadget

Ticketing Gadget

Customer Management Gadget

Knowledge Base Gadget


Agent to Agent/Supervisor Chat & Broadcast Gadget

Agent Personal Phonebook Gadget


Agent Scripting Gadget

Call Disposition Gadget

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