WhatsApp Is The What’s Up For Your CX

What’s Up For Your CX

It’s high time when you need to sail in the same boat in which your customers are because

  • 5 million businesses use WhatsApp Business
  • 2 million users of WhatsApp
  • 65 billion messages shared over WhatsApp per day
  • 2 billion voice calls & 55 million video calls/minute made over WhatsApp per day

It’s clear that your customer is highly active on WhatsApp and expect the same from you irrespective of your business domain. WhatsApp has a lot to be the lifeline for your CX, from instant updates and personalized conversations to creative messaging and sharing attachments.

Especially during the pandemic, WhatsApp offered a two-way communication mode for customers and businesses. Customers can share their list of items to shop over WhatsApp, and the storekeeper can deliver the same to the customer, and the same goes for the food ordering industry.

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging to connect business with customers directly, keeping up with the customer’s comfort and privacy. It has raised the bar of customer’s expectations from the brand. And the cherry on the top for businesses is the introduction of WhatsApp for Business API. It is a win-win module for both customers and companies.

Benefits for customers:

  • Customers can opt to receive timely notifications from businesses regarding booking, delivery status, order confirmations, sale/offer updates, and more.
  • Customers can connect with the best agent for query resolution.
  • Personalized interaction every time with no out of context conversation
  • Prompt reply from the business even on the go and at any time of the day
  • No long waiting period as in case of voice calls
  • Customer find WhatsApp more convenient over SMS and other channels

Benefit for business:

  • Interact with agents in real-time and assist customers proactively – End-to-end support to customers in a blink of an eye. You don’t need customers to be on hold or route through various departments for the resolution.
  • Know the customer before starting the interaction with 3rd party application integration – that makes life easy for agents. With Cx Infinity, agents can deliver a personalized customer experience by addressing them with their first name, as 3rd party integrations (CRM, bespoke applications, and more) fetch customer information seamlessly. Also, the customer interaction history helps an agent to keep up with the conversation context.
  • Rich-media messaging to keep customers engaged – WhatsApp makes communication fun and clearer with rich-media assistance. From emoticons, audio/video messaging to share of documents, there’s a lot WhatsApp can do for business. Agents can keep customers more engaged and updated with interactive messaging.
  • Single interface to manage WhatsApp and other channels – Cx Infinity gives your business an upper hand over the competitors by allowing the agent to manage WhatsApp and conversation over other channels from a unified interface. So, an agent can switch between channels for instant support without juggling between screens.
  • Automatic notifications to customers – Instant and automatic notification/responses can be sent to customers, avoiding agent involvement each time in making a call to a customer or dropping them a mail. A customer is not willing to always answer a call, nor is his mailbox open in front of him every time.
  • Secured conversation with end-to-end encryption – One of the significant reasons WhatsApp is ruling the charts for businesses is privacy. All messages between the customer and the company are encrypted for privacy and security reasons. So, you are free from the worry of losing customer data or conversations. Even a customer feels comfortable in sharing his concerns and data with business without a second thought.
  • Knowledge base and Case management integration – With Cx Infinity, your WhatsApp business account is more powered with integrated Knowledge Base and Case Management tools. Over the same interface, agents can assist customers with relevant information fetched from the knowledge base or share documents directly. Even they can help with ticket status and more instantly.
  • Feedback collection – WhatsApp is a great way to request feedback. Since it is an instant messaging app, your agent or WhatsApp business chatbot can ask for reviews or feedback. You can share survey links or forms. It gives a clear understanding of what customers think of your product.

WhatsApp for business is used by all sizes of business, ranging from a start-up to an enterprise. From booking tickets, getting notified of offers, or sharing feedback. So, build a strong relationship with the CXInfinity system for your WhatsApp. How?

  • Unified view to manage WhatsApp all engagement channels including, email, SMS, social and more
  • Blended within Cisco Finesse interface
  • Switch between channel without switching screen
  • Rich-media encrypted messaging
  • Conversational commerce
  • Two-way communication
  • Real-time personalized conversation
  • Query routed to the best agent
  • WhatsApp bot integration
  • Quick implementation to go live in no time

Whatsapp Chatboat


This is just the beginning; WhatsApp is all set to save sinking CX. It is time to get your business over WhatsApp and make sure your customers know it. WhatsApp is leveraging firms of all sizes to scale their reach across the world with seamless communication. It has enabled even small businesses can share their profile with the masses and improve customer experience.

Start WhatsApping now!

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