How Telephony Integration with Microsoft Dynamics Improves Call Management and Response Times

MS Dynamics CTI Integration

Research shows that companies in the US alone suffer losses of $62 billion yearly due to poor customer service. Customer expectations are rising, with demands for greater personalization, faster service speeds, and smoother interactions across channels shooting up. And failing to meet these expectations can be disastrous—especially in the cut-throat competitive landscape of today.

According to Salesforce, 62% of customers share their bad consumer experiences with others through online channels and word-of-mouth. But the same survey also showed that 72% share positive experiences. The possibility of positive reviews is an opportunity companies must tap into to remain competitive. Contact centers—the customer-facing end of businesses—are pivotal in building experiences that garner positive reviews.

MS Dynamics CTI Integration

However, contact centers are often mired in inefficiencies owing to siloed legacy systems and disjointed customer journeys. One way to bridge this gap is using a dynamics connector to integrate advanced telephony systems with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. As one of the most popular CRMs worldwide, Dynamics 365 contains vital customer data that can help contact centers transform customer journeys, eliminate inherent operational inefficiencies, and boost overall agent performance.

How does the Microsoft Dynamics Connector Equip Call Center Agents to Serve Customers Better and Improve Critical KPIs?

Intelligent ACD

12% of Americans rate the lack of speed in call resolution as their number one frustration with customer service. Customers today are increasingly impatient. With no shortage of choices, they’re willing to take their business elsewhere if not served fast. With the Dynamics 365 telephony integration, contact centers can bring in intelligent ACD systems to route calls automatically based on a detailed customer profile.

Factors that are accounted for include – caller identity, location, demographics, history, and the purpose of the call. The calls are intelligently routed to the most relevant agent to ensure the customer gets the correct answers immediately. This integration eliminates the time spent on call transfers and case escalation while improving FCR.

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Contextual Screen Pops

79% of customers are willing to share private information in exchange for contextualized interactions that make them feel known and heard. But if that data is stored in disparate systems, agents will spend half their time toggling between platforms to access it. The long wait times involved here ultimately defeat the purpose of the customer’s willingness to share their data.

With a Dynamics CRM connector, the agent can access call-related functions from within the CRM and get contextual screen pop-ups that immediately reveal relevant customer details about the call. The details can range from name and location to previous interactions and purchase history. The agent will waste less time shifting between screens and more time engaging the customer.

Real-time Call Analytics

A stat revealed by Salesforce’s State of Service report stated that 91% of customers will leave a company without ever complaining. This silent abandonment spells trouble for brands because it doesn’t give them any chance to alleviate the customer’s pain points. The only way to tackle this issue is by actively participating in the customer’s experience and collecting information that can reveal discrepancies.

With a Dynamics CTI Connector, the CRM can turn into a goldmine of real-time analytics displaying stats like wait times, queue lengths, and other agent-related KPIs. Supervisors and contact center managers can access this data to constantly monitor calls, identify when the interaction is not going well, and take proactive steps to improve the situation.

Integrated Omni-channel Messaging

The average customer uses over ten channels to communicate with companies and expects a contextualized experience across all of them. But, on the flip side, only 48% of agents feel adequately equipped to engage with customers on any channel they choose. With the omnichannel-enabled Dynamics 365 CTI, agents can seamlessly switch between multiple communication channels such as email, chat, and social media without losing out on context. This keeps the customers happy while massively reducing call volumes.

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Automation of Tasks

According to Salesforce, agents on underperforming teams spend most of their time on mundane, menial tasks, while 63% of high-performing teams spend more time on business-critical problems. This gap can easily be bridged with intelligent automation.

With RPA, AI, and self-service channels, contact centers can automate tasks such as call logging, dialing, note-taking, case escalation, and knowledge base access. As agents get more time to manage their interactions, they improve their KPIs, meet contact center targets, and deliver high-quality customer experience.
Four out of five service decision-makers believe emerging technology transforms customers’ expectations. Even more (82%) think their company’s customer service must change to stay competitive.

Decision-makers in the service sector recognize the need to transform their customer service approach. But this is tough to achieve without a solid telephony and CRM/CSM integration as offered by MS Dynamics CTI Connector from NovelVox. The NovelVox Dynamics connector offers all the above advantages and more.

Contact us today to learn about NovelVox and how it can transform your MS Dynamics environment into a powerful interaction handling interface.

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