6 Hidden Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Contact Centers

Unified Agent Desktop for Contact Centers

Technology is evolving rapidly and regularly. With new things coming up every day, it is necessary to know your software inside out in order to make the most of it. So, do you think you are using your agent desktop to the fullest?

Check out these lesser-known features and improve your contact center performance.

1. On-call assistance

Agent desktop expands the in-call functionality, with added features for improved caller experience enabling the agent receiving the call to transfer it to another agent, have a conference call with the supervisor barged-in for support, during a live call.

“This acts as a useful on-job training tool since an agent can listen to the live call and get the insights required.”

2. Automate agents work

It is a well-known fact that a unified agent desktop seamlessly integrates with 3rd party applications and displays customers’ relevant information on a single screen. This saves agents’ crucial time lost in switching screens to fetch the required information. But there is more. It has tools for the automation of tasks. For instance, NovelVox agent desktop offers pre-built gadgets such as call disposition gadget that saves time by auto-populating the fields by entering the full description as a summary of the call. Various other such automation features include an automated callback or sending a calendar invite and emails, etc.

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Watch Demo Video | Unified Agent Desktop to Boost Contact Centers Productivity

3. Interface optimization

Focusing on the quality of the agent’s experience, the agent desktop offers further optimization of the interface. Although there are industry-specific templates, these can be further worked upon to simplify things for an agent. So, now an agent can keep only the fields required for his work and remove the others. With the lesser distractions, the call resolution is likely to get better and score a reduced average handle time. Such optimization is possible even at the department level. The better part is, these interface customizations do not require knowledge or coding. A simple drag and drop designer tool can do it all.

4. Multiple channel interaction

Now that modes of communications have grown from single to multiple channels, an agent must handle them all. Unified Agent desktop arms the agent to handle calls along with interactions on different channels. So, for instance, there are customers who drop a mail and also call the contact center for the same that results in duplication of workload for an agent because he answers the customer via both the mediums. But with agent desktop, this can be traced well. Now an agent will be able to see callers’ email or other queuing interactions that can be closed in a single transaction.

5. Switch screen by IVR inputs

IVR inputs are essential in creating an exceptional customer experience as it saves callers from landing in the wrong department and resharing each detail again to the agents. Here, the required fields of the interface are automatically populated with dynamic data received with the call is a fantastic feature of the Unified agent desktop. These IVR variables improve call resolution by providing agents with the relevant information instantly and enhancing customer satisfaction.

6. Pre-built gadgets

In addition to the automated task, agent desktop offers in-built gadgets such as knowledgebase, agent scripting, ticketing, and more to optimize agent’s performance. This further improves the quality of interactions with customers as the agents are more aware of business products and processes as well as the scripts to be used. Also, an agent can handle multiple tickets with ease. An agent can identify and prioritize tickets accordingly.

Also, you need to explore agent desktop hidden features such as multiple language support, inter-team chat, and global as well as a personalized phonebook.

Business Benefit HR Benefit
  • Deliver personalized CX
  • Minimal training
  • Improve First Call Resolution
  • More empowered & engaged agents
  • Reduced Average Handle Time
  • Reduced count of agent burnout or churn rate
  • Higher customer retention
  • Real-time agent state monitoring


It is always great to know more about the software you use and get better features installed that will simplify the lives of agents and customers, building great bonds with business.

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