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The NovelVox Banking and Finance Agent Desktop

The NovelVox Unified Agent Desktop for Banking and Finance is fine-tuned from NovelVox’s many years experience within this industry. NovelVox has been providing Banking and Finance Agent Desktops globally since 2008.

With out-of-box flexibility, this agent desktop can be moulded easily to your exact requirements. This Agent Desktop is compatible with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya Contact Centers.

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with easy integration to:

Focused Features for Banking and Finance

  • Edit Customer Information
  • Customer transaction history
  • Fraud and ATM Alerts (SMS Enablement)
  • Block/ Unblock debit/ credit/ charge cards
  • Activate new debit/ credit/ charge cards
  • Loan payment, balance and loan management
  • Follow up calls and custom wrap-up codes
  • Fund Transfer
  • Bill payments
  • Raise and manage Tickets
  • Statement Request: Email or Post
  • Cheque Book request
  • Timed Deposits
  • Online Security setup
  • Exchange Rates
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Out of Box Flexibility

Universal Connector

Connecting third-party business applications

Unify the Agent Desktop by integrating to all your business applications. Pre-built connectors are available.

Pre-Built Gadgets

Customization of Cisco Finesse

Choose from any of our pre-built Gadgets to quickly and simply add functionality. New Gadgets constantly added by NovelVox.

Visual Desktop Designer

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Drag and Drop Visual designer so you can perfect the agent desktop look, feel and behavior whenever you want.

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