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Get a complete bundle of contact center solutions designed exclusively for government departments, counties, municipalities, state and federal governments. The bundles include Agent desktop, Screen Pops, Supervisor Desktop, Wallboards, Mobile Dashboards, Knowledge Base, Agent Scripting and more. It offers one powerful system integrated to all the services designed to deliver high-quality engagement with citizens.

With easy Integration to

Unified Agent Desktop for Government Entities

Empower contact center agents by providing a single integrated agent desktop to effectively handle all types of calls. You will have unique desktops for each department equipped with every information and service details needed to handle calls for that particular department. Now your agent will have access to all the required details of the caller prior to answering the call.

Supervisor Desktop for Government Entities

With NovelVox Supervisor Desktop, supervisors in counties and government departments will have a ‘Bird’s Eye View’ of complete contact center performance. It provides supervisors with advance actions to optimize workforce performance like silent monitoring, barge in, reskilling and more. It helps supervisors to make informed decisions on various operation and resource management topics. Supervisors will be able to boost contact center productivity and empower agents to achieve their KPIs swiftly.

iVision Wallboards for Government Entities

iVision Wallboards will help contact center professionals in the county and government departments to monitor real-time team and individual performance. iVision wallboard provides real-time data and metrics which keeps agents, supervisors and other key stakeholder updated. With mobile dashboards, supervisors can track performance on the go. The KPI threshold indicator sends visual alerts or via SMS, email, to supervisors whenever KPI thresholds are crossed—this keeps supervisors informed and updated all the time.

Why NovelVox for Government Entities?

With having over 10 years of extensive experience in handling and providing contact centers solutions across the globe, NovelVox is one of the trusted and reputed contact center solution provider. We provide integrated contact center solutions for counties, municipalities, and other government departments. Our solutions are specifically designed to enable you to have quick, meaningful interaction with the citizens.

Features of Unified Agent Desktop for Government Entities

  • Connect to your entire database, services, CRMs or any 3rd party applications
  • Empower contact center agents by providing them with all data and services on a single screen view
  • Agents do not need to switch screens to fetch customer information from 3rd party applications
  • Get customized unique desktops catering to the particular department’s needs and requirements, like a unique desktop for 311 services
  • Swiftly address citizen’s concern, thus enhancing agent-caller experience
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