Uncovering the Power of Advance Reporting and Analytics for your Contact Center

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Serve customers at scale with a human-like Chatbot

The most human conversations your customers can have - with a bot


Humanized Bot Support

When your customers have a question or a problem, they want to speak to someone who
understands and finds solutions. InfiBot does.




Nearly human

Chatbot Optimized for your Business

Deploy smart Conversational AI that uncovers your customers needs

InfiBOT AI analyzes your customers’ language to comprehend what they need in real time.

Become a conversational enterprise

Respond to customers faster with a high-touch bot assistant

Resolve customer requests in minutes. InfiBOT works for you 24/7 and handles a large volume of customer requests, both simple and complex, freeing up agents’ time to focus on critical tasks.

Set up custom rules to route inquiries to live agents when InfiBOT gets stuck or let AI make routing decisions based on customer sentiment.

Lead generation

Let InfiBOT fill your pipeline with leads. Create rules based on visitors’ browsing history and past chats, and InfiBOT will engage visitors 24/7 and move them along the customer journey. Qualify and route leads to optimize conversion.


Don’t just make sales. Make repeat sales with hyper-personalized account-based marketing. InfiBOT will suggest upgrades and add-on solutions to your customers based on their account status and past interactions.


Automate support for faster customer resolutions and offer tailored, account-based responses. Personalize answers for a concierge feel.

Speak your customers’ language. Literally.

Robust multi-language support for today’s enterprise

Gauge customers’ mood with Sentiment Analyzer

InfiBOT detects customers’ tone and disposition and presents strategic responses that align with your customers’ real-time sentiment.

When AI identifies a negative sentiment trend in a conversation or detects that an issue is taking longer to resolve, it’ll route the conversation to the best skilled agent based on the context of the chat.

Bots that live where your customers are

Omnichannel assistants that are always ready to help – no matter when or where your customers need it.

Engage customers and build loyalty with personalized conversations

Not your typical bot conversation. Smart, hyper-personalized interactions based
on deep contextual insight.
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Easily build conversation flows that work for your customers

Intuitive, low-code chatbot builder allows anyone on your team to create workflows with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Impress your customers with perfect bot responses and rich chat functionality.

Functional integrations for complete context

Give your bot all the knowledge it needs to help customers

Knowledge base

Your bot instantly finds answers. It makes it easy for your agents too and enables customers to serve themselves.


Bot pulls customer data from your CRM and gets context from prior customer communications and actions.

Your core platforms

Integrate your core industry platforms and leverage account specific information to personalize responses.

You’re in control

Extensive intent library

Predefined intents for Industry Verticals

Fast deployment

Enhanced Natural Language Processing

Advanced analytics

Extensive integration library


Sentiment analyzer

Drag-and-drop flow designer

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