The Key Advantages of Salesforce Cisco Integration for Omnichannel Contact Centers

Salesforce Cisco Integration for Omnichannel Contact Centers

The days when contact centers could get away with providing below-par customer support are long gone.

Today’s customers want quick issue resolutions and short wait times.

They expect connected experiences no matter which stage of the journey they are currently at.

And they appreciate great service that puts them first and contributes meaningfully to their success.

For contact centers, achieving these goals is easier if they leverage the right technology and implement it in the right way. One such technology is CRM.

Salesforce CTI Integration

A robust CRM platform like Salesforce can be a true game-changer in today’s competitive and customer-focused contact center industry. This is why investing in Salesforce CRM is one of the best – and most worthy – business decisions a Cisco-powered contact center can make. By combining the capabilities of their primary contact center platform with Salesforce, omnichannel contact centers can build a powerful tech stack that places customers at the center of everything they do.

Moreover, seamless Salesforce Cisco integration yields a huge range and volume of key customer data as well as meaningful insights so they can deliver hyper-personalized, connected customer experiences with every interaction across every channel and touchpoint. This unstinting focus on customer experiences is a key success enabler in today’s buyer’s market – which Salesforce Cisco integration makes possible.

Here are some proven benefits of Salesforce Cisco integration for modern-day omnichannel contact centers.

Great Conversations and Effective Teams with Salesforce-integrated Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop

The Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop from Novelvox offers simple Salesforce integration and a clean, consolidated “pane of glass” view that unifies all customer details onto a single screen. As a result, agents can quickly access the information they need to deliver prompt and effective customer service. With a 360° view of the customer lifecycle, they can anticipate customer needs, make quick decisions, and provide enhanced experiences with every conversation.

Out-of-the-box features like the agent and call statistics and numerous pre-built gadgets for call control, ticketing, customer management, and agent scripting allow agent teams to learn the ropes faster and hit the ground running. They can close more calls faster, enhance agent-customer interactions, and function as brand stewards that keep customers loyal for longer.

The Salesforce-integrated desktop can be easily optimized as per the needs of the contact center and industry. With its easy drag-and-drop designer tool, the desktop view can be effortlessly customized with the right tools and data, that too without any coding or complicated tech sleight-of-hand.

A Supervisor Desktop is also available from NovelVox, enabling Cisco contact center supervisors to easily and effectively manage their teams. More importantly, they can take the necessary actions to improve performance and upgrade their workforce’s customer-facing skills.

Advanced-Data Visibility and Dynamic Omnichannel Experiences with Salesforce CTI Integration

The customized Salesforce Cisco CTI integration solution from NovelVox is a valuable addition to Cisco Finesse contact centers. Customer experience has overtaken price and product as the key brand differentiator. And the CTI connector empowers agents to consistently create and deliver exceptional and experiential customer service across every channel.

With this integration, agents get a unified view and automatic screen pop-ups so they can quickly search for and access customer data. They can then leverage this information to tailor their communication strategies and provide relevant solutions or services through the right channel. No more switching applications to view pertinent details, which means that they are no longer distracted. They can focus on customers and their queries, and stay in control of every interaction. They can engage in intelligent, personal conversations that flow smoothly, which puts them in a great position to help callers find the right resolution quickly. This capability extends over the entire workforce, which can deliver enduring results for the contact center in terms of great CSAT, excellent FCR, and minimal AHT.

Salesforce CTI integration can also help minimize complex workflows and offset the costs of old telephony technology. It enables contact center management to drive quality initiatives, improve compliance management, reduce downtime risk, and speed up agent ramp-time. All these benefits can boost the contact center’s overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability. NovelVox’s solution also provides enhanced flexibility that can lead to enriched customer experiences, with features like CRM transfer, Click to Dial, intelligent routing, automatic call recording, etc.

Other Benefits of Salesforce Cisco Integration

Today, hundreds of contact centers worldwide rely on Salesforce and Cisco, as both these solutions are reliable and time-tested. Furthermore, integrating the two creates a powerful synergy that delivers numerous benefits for omnichannel contact centers.

Salesforce Cisco integration simplifies call handling, enhances caller experiences, and improves team efficiency. Advanced features like CRM screen transfer help streamline workflows, provide the right context for each conversation, and help agents maintain call quality at the optimum level. With intelligent dialing, data is automatically adapted to dialing patterns, thus ensuring that screen pop and click-to-dial work exactly as they are supposed to. This feature also provides seamless, interruption-free call connectivity, which improves agent experiences and boosts employee retention. All calls are captured with duration and other related records through the automatic call logging function, providing a rich dataset that supports supervisors in managing and optimizing agent performance and organizational ROI.

All in all, Salesforce Cisco integration provides a proven means to improve call resolutions, lower handling time, and deliver personalized experiences to each caller. In the long term, the contact center can reduce costs, decrease customer churn, build trust that’s so essential to retaining existing customers, and convert new customers into returning ones.

Ready to Discuss your Contact Center’s Salesforce Cisco Integration Needs?

The Salesforce CRM platform provides comprehensive and timely data and meaningful insights that go a long way toward improving customer experiences. And by leveraging Salesforce Cisco integration, modern contact centers can deliver true value to their callers. Instead of simply taking calls and providing stock answers to queries and concerns, they can build deeper connections and deliver the personalized communications that today’s customers demand. By integrating Salesforce with the Cisco contact center, organizations can achieve true symbiosis so they can do more, serve better and impress always.

If you are looking for Salesforce Cisco integration solutions for your contact center, take a look at our world-class solutions: Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop and customized Salesforce CTI integration. For more information or to book a demo, contact our team today. You can also fill out the form here and an authorized NovelVox representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

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