Reshaping E-Commerce Support with Freshdesk CTI Connectors

Freshdesk CTI Integration

What is the sole hassle for contact center agents associated with the e-commerce industry? They frequently switch between CRM screens to gather customer data that includes all previous tickets/transactions if they aren’t using a sidekick for the CRM.

Undoubtedly, it hampers the productivity levels that further compromise with KPIs like the AHT, FCR, and CSAT scores. With no room to improve, things end up in a mess.

This is where the Freshdesk CTI Connector comes into the picture. Keeping the hindrance at bay, a Freshdesk CTI connector streamlines customer service by making everything fall in place to uplift customer experience.

It integrates the telephone system with the CRM and gives more control over call management. This blog will give a complete overview of how a CTI connector supercharges the capabilities of a CRM and promises a better customer experience.

CTI Connectors – Just More Than Automation

Automation of repetitive or routine tasks becomes simplified by a CTI connector. Let’s understand this better with an example.

The contact center of an e-commerce giant receives a high volume of customer inquiries and service requests daily. To manage the work, the e-commerce giant uses the CTI connector to supercharge the capabilities of its CRM.

Striking contextual information with customers becomes a cakewalk because the screen pop feature displays vital information that an agent needs.

The FCR rates shoot up because the skill-based call routing helps address customer calls on urgent priority. The CTI connector, during an ongoing call, captures call data that includes any comments/notes made by the agent. Since this information is automatically logged in the CRM, it can be accessed for future reference anytime.

Now, imagine the situation without integrating the CTI connector. It would have been chaos for agents & customers alike. The KPIs like AHT, FCR, and CSAT scores would have been hampered. This further clears the picture by highlighting the importance of using a CTI connector.

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Top Features of Freshdesk CTI Connector

So far, ample details have been acquired about a CTI connector for Freshdesk. The next section of the blog gives a hang of how it works with Freshdesk CRM by providing call controls that transform the way of interacting with customers.

Call Transfers

Efficient call transfers aid in improving contact center KPIs like FCR and AHT. The Freshdesk CTI enables transferring a call to the right agent with the desired information can be transferred for a quicker resolution. These generally include tickets related to order history, delivery, scheduling returns/refunds, etc.

Call Logging

CTI connector for Freshdesk can automate ticket creation as well. All incoming calls are logged in as a ticket, thus, eliminating the manual inputs for creating a ticket. This saves a lot of time for the agent & increases productivity levels.

This accurately recorded information is useful to agents when they refer to previous conversations for delivering efficient responses to customers.

Click to Dial

CTI connector for Freshdesk automates dialing phone numbers from the CRM interface. An agent can dial the number automatically by clicking on the phone number on the contact list. This helps speed up the process & eliminate manual errors.

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Caller Identification

The CTI connector for Freshdesk can immediately display the caller’s details, previous interactions, tickets, and voice logs for all customers. Since agents have customer details handy, providing them with a better experience becomes a breeze.

Robust Reporting and Call Management

Real-Time Call Monitoring

The call monitoring feature rests on the supervisor’s dashboard. It gives a consolidated view of ongoing calls, call duration, calls waiting, etc., that impact FCR and AHT altogether. With this feature, supervisors can implement desired strategies to improve agent’s performance for better CSAT scores.

CTI connectors are compatible with different contact centers. The list includes Cisco Webex, Avaya, Amazon Connect, Five9, Dialpad, Zoom, NICE, and Genesys.

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Freshdesk CTI for E-commerce Industry

With this, it is concluded that a CTI connector for Freshdesk can do marvels for all compatible contact centers. The Freshdesk CTI integration does more than automate routine tasks that uplift the customer experience with an eCommerce store. It includes improved agent occupancy rate, repeat calls, CSAT score, etc.

NovelVox, being a name in the CX Solution industry with experience of over a decade, has been offering customized integration solutions for different market-leading CRM and third-party apps worldwide.

Their wide range of products includes Agent Desktops, Contact Center Wallboards, AI Chatbot, and CTI connectors including CTI connectors for MS Dynamics, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Freshdesk, EPIC, HubSpot, etc.

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