WhatsApp Integration with BOT

Fuel sales and delight customers with AI-driven bots for WhatsApp engagement

WhatsApp Bot Integration


Years of Expertise


Deployments in 18+ Countries


Retention Ratio

Scale engagement

Connect with billions of potential customers on their favorite messaging app even without a live agent 24×7—drive-up conversions exponentially with WhatsApp’s highest open rate. Offer instant and more personalized services such as reminders, alerts, notifications, verification codes, online help links, customer surveys, and more.
WhatsApp Bot Integration
WhatsApp Bot Integration

Automated replies

Don’t leave a customer to grow unengaged. Engage instantly with automated replies from an AI-driven bot at work. Address queries that are repetitive and can be resolved without any intervention from a human agent. Reduce wait time and improve conversation resolution.

Engine agnostic

Leverage the AI-driven, engine agnostic bot to handle level 1 queries through WhatsApp. Opt for the in-house NLU-based engine or integrate with third-party bot engines as per your organizational needs. Go live in no time with this single box setup. One server one system to manage all channels over a single unified screen.
WhatsApp Bot Integration

Pre-Built Gadgets

Agent Performance Dashboard Gadget
Ticketing Gadget
Customer Management Gadget
Knowledge Base Gadget
Agent to Agent/Supervisor Chat & Broadcast Gadget
Agent Personal Phonebook Gadget
Agent Scripting Gadget
Call Disposition Gadget

Seamless Integration with

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

24/7 Support &

Self Help YouTube Channel

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