1. How can we connect third party applications?

NovelVox Agent Desktop is built on Java platform that provides it freedom to connect with any system that has open connectivity. As long as API and third party system accepts incoming connections, it can integrate. In scenarios where host system is open to be connected and NovelVox Agent Desktop doesn’t have pre built adapters then through standard Java customizations, integrations are done.

2. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop requires a separate server?

Yes, NovelVox Agent Desktop requires a 1 separate server, an additional server will be required for running in HA mode.

3. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop server supports virtualization?


4. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop requires a Database?

No, NovelVox Agent Desktop’s default installation doesn’t require a database. However database is required on the basis of gadgets that needs to be configured.

5. Can we use NovelVox Agent Desktop with finesse?

Yes, you can use NovelVox Agent Desktop as a gadget in Cisco Finesse

6. If we decide to upgrade to new version of telephony or any third party application what needs to happen in NovelVox Agent Desktop? Is there any extra involved?

As far as customer is covered under annual maintenance contract all the upgrades and maintenance are free from the products perspective

7. Can we connect to any databases directly?

Yes you can connect with any database directly that supports JDBC/ODBC driver, we need DB driver class and DB URL to create a DB connector for the same. We have some predefined data sources given below:-

SQL Lite

8. What are default modules available? What are the other modules available?

CTI Connector
Caller Information
Interaction History(Requires DB)

Other available modules include:

Case Management(Requires DB)
Knowledge Base(Requires DB)
Supervisor Desktop( Requires DB)
Chat and Broadcast(Requires DB)

9. What are the scalable options available?

NovelVox Agent Desktop supports both horizontal and vertical scalability.

10. How many projects/ screens can we create in NovelVox Agent Desktop?

The user can create any no. of screens using NovelVox Agent Desktop, there is no limit to it.

11. On which server NovelVox Agent Desktop works?

It works on Windows Server 2012 Standard and above

12. Can NovelVox Agent Desktop work on Linux?

No, not on the current version.

13. How does HA and Load balancing works in NovelVox Agent Desktop?

Initial client request goes to a domain name that will have 2 or more NovelVox Agent Desktop server IPs mapped. DNS mapping will send all requests to Primary Server. The Apache (load balancer) is configured with multiple Tomcats and balances the load between NovelVox Agent Desktop application servers in round robin fashion among them.
If Primary Server is down then DNS server will send the request to secondary NovelVox Agent Desktop server that will do the load balancing.
Once the page is loaded and a failover is required then it’s handled by the NovelVox Agent Desktop client application.

14. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop provides load balancer?

NovelVox Agent Desktop comes with preconfigured Apache web server that does the load balancing.

15. What are the bare minimum hardware requirements?

For standard installation we need a server configuration of 4 core and 8 GB RAM for 200 users and 5 concurrent services.
NovelVox Agent Desktop’s hardware server sizing is done on the basis of number of concurrent agents and concurrent services. Concurrent services are considered as number of concurrent request-response that is generated from gadget. For example: On a call arrival, 5 backend services are called to load the customer information, so this becomes 5 Concurrent services which will request response from server by every agent for every call.

16. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop works on SSL?

Yes it works on SSL. We request end customer to provide the CSR to create their SSL certificate. Also the application can be signed from Verisign

17. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop runs on Citrix client?


18. Can NovelVox Agent Desktop have support for multiple backend systems?

Yes, it supports multiple backend systems by integrating with them using Web Services, API or database access.

19. What is NovelVox Agent Desktop designer?

It is a desktop designer to create the GUI for agent/ client desktop. It is an innovative model lets users customize their forms and screens to suit individual process level preferences, professional needs and company parameters to a degree never delivered before. Put differently, users can now line up all the information they need on the job how, when and where they want it

20. Is NovelVox Agent Desktop a thick client or thin client?

It is a thin client, web based application (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox). Thus, the user can connect from anywhere in the work place within the network

21. What types of components you support in NovelVox Agent Desktop?

There are various components that NovelVox Agent Desktop support. A few of them are mentioned below:

For Frames:
Tab Frame
Scrollable Module
For data inputs:
Text input
Text area
Text Editor
Combo box
Data grid
Advances Data grid
Paging Grid
Check box
Radio button
For uploading files:
File upload
SWF loader
Object viewer
XML reference
CTI bar – With all the standard telephony options: Ready/ Not Ready, Answer, Make Call, Release, hold, transfer, etc.

22. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop support languages other than English?

We support both RTL and LTR languages and the application can support multiple languages too.

23. What are the different backend systems where NovelVox Agent Desktop has done integration in past?

Some of the backend systems are as mentioned below:-
Web Services
MQ Series.
Raw TCP Sockets
Excel files.
Main Frame
NovelVox Agent Desktop is built on Java platform that provides it freedom to connect with any system that has open connectivity. As long as API’s and third party system accepts incoming connections, NovelVox Agent Desktop can integrate.

24. Can we show statistics in NovelVox Agent Desktop?

Yes we can show all the statistics coming from Finesse server. And also if required a custom gadget can be prepared that can dip inside various real time databases and bring statistics.

25. Do we get detailed audit trails?

This can be configured on request.

26. What are the security vulnerabilities for which NovelVox Agent Desktop is tested?

Cross frame scripting or clickjacking attack: Exploit
Application reveals software information and corresponding versions being used on application server providing a launch pad to attacker to launch further attacks: Best Practice
Encryption on sensitive data: Exploit
Malicious Script Execution: Exploit
Session Management: Best Practice
SQL Injection: Exploit
Authorisation Weakness: Best Practice
Audit logs: Best Practice

27. How much time does it take to create a single service in NovelVox Agent Desktop?

Approx. it takes 2-3 Man-days effort to create a single service but again it may vary for different third party applications.

28. What are bandwidth requirements for NovelVox Agent Desktop?

Bandwidth is required for connection between agent desktop and NovelVox Agent Desktop server. It depends on no. of agents and No. of concurrent services. For instance for 100 agents using 5 concurrent services the bandwidth required:

Total bandwidth required when all the agents login concurrently – 5 Mbps
Bandwidth required per agent – 0.05 Mbps

Note: For NovelVox Agent Desktop, above mentioned bandwidth calculations doesn’t include the bandwidth of Cisco Finesse and bandwidth of telephony. This is purely for NovelVox Agent Desktop only.

29. What is required to integrate with third party applications?

NovelVox Agent Desktop is built on Java platform that provides it freedom to connect with any system that has open connectivity. As long as API’s and third party system accepts incoming connections, NovelVox Agent Desktop can integrate.
In scenarios where host system is open to be connected and NovelVox Agent Desktop doesn’t have pre built adapters then through standard Java customizations integrations are done.

30. How TP applications does exposes their data to NovelVox Agent Desktop?

Third Party applications can expose their data to NovelVox Agent Desktop with as long as they have freedom to connect on Java platform as long as API’s and third party system accepts incoming connections.
To name a few we have following integrations:
Web Services
Rest Services
Database integration
MQ Services
Socket Programming
SOAP Web services

31. Does NovelVox Agent Desktop stores any of customer’s data on its systems?

At no stage NovelVox Agent Desktop stores customer data on its servers.

32. How frequently data can be sourced from TPA to NovelVox Agent Desktop?

The data can be sourced in real time with third party applications.

33. Do we need to be dependent on NV for customisation or adding a module in the product?

Using a designer the user/ customer is free to make the changes and amendments at any time in the application.
However, NovelVox can also do the customization or adding a module and will charge on the basis of man-days effort.

34. Is NovelVox Agent Desktop CRM?

No, NovelVox Agent Desktop is not CRM. But every screen element created with the NovelVox Agent Desktop is configurable, including changes to colours, legends, backgrounds, etc.

35. Can NovelVox Agent Desktop work as light weight in house - CRM?

NovelVox can create gadget applications with complete backend systems.
Please contact NovelVox pre-sales team for more details


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