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Serve customers on
with an intelligent
CX platform

Engage with the customers on their preferred social and instant messaging channel to elevate brand loyalty 


Talk to customers on their favorite
social channels

Start conversations anywhere — track them in one place

Empower customers to reach you any time, on any social channel. With a unified agent desktop, everything is integrated into a single workspace and AI handles routing, pulls up customer information and suggests responses.

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Integrate bots and AI into social

Every experience is made to match your customers’ needs, so customers can resolve issues quickly, even when an agent is not available
Never lose another lead to an unanswered question
CXInfinity bots use AI to answer simple inquiries, allowing your agents to work on more complex issues and enabling you to convert faster and smarter.

Flexible Deployment

Integrate with your existing CX Platform or switch to CXInfinity
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Put answers at your customers’ fingertips – and free up your agents

Never worry about a missed question, a lost sign-up, or an unhappy customer. Leverage your knowledge base to bring the right answers to customers, whether they are interacting with agents or talking to a bot.
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Be a Step Closer to Your Customers Wherever They Are

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Multichannel end-to-end case management

Start cases on any channel and close them on any other channel
Convenience is vital for you and your customers
With CXInfinity, easily open and resolve cases within the omnichannel interface. Keep your cases organized and follow up easily on open issues, even when customers message you from multiple platforms

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