Why Your Contact Center Needs Real-Time Performance Management

Real-Time Performance Management

For a contact center to perform the best every day, it is a must to view the metrics and work on them. With new channels coming in, more employees getting hired, and large call volumes; analysis of data gets tricky and tough. Every data needs clear visibility, especially when related to agents’ performance and customers’ expectations. For this, the wallboard is the best contact center solution. Let’s understand what metrics need to be displayed here and how will it benefit your contact center.

What to display on the wallboard?

KPI targets

In a contact center, everyone has a different role to play. Accordingly, groups or teams are created and offered a set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) to achieve. So, your contact center wallboard should display the team-specific KPIs to remind every agent of the targets time and again.

Instant tips/information

The large size and right placement of the wallboard allows the display of important information that requires instant attention of agents. Along with KPIs, there can be a timely display of quick tips on rapport building, positive words, business insight, keywords and more, for instant help. Also, there should be a display of any product/service update that helps the agent in strengthening the conversation.

Awards and incentives

Timely reminders of awards and incentives are a must. Keep a space on your call center wallboard to display this data. It breaks the monotony of work and reminds the agents of what their hard work would offer them in the long run.


Job at the contact center is a 24×7 function where people work in shifts. Further, all are not able to have leaves or holidays on special occasions, birthdays, or events. To keep up the excitement of the agents working during holidays, you can display any event/news live on the big screen of the wallboard. This will induce a positive atmosphere and will not let the agents feel left out.

New joiner

A new person joining the team can be introduced via wallboard to the contact center floor. It is a better way to make people know the joiner and make him feel comfortable and important from the very first day.

Call waiting

The number of calls in the queue is another essential parameter to be displayed on the wallboard screen for agents to improve their Average Handle Time (AHT). Agents have a clear approximate idea of how many more calls they need to close and where they can cut the call short without affecting the customer experience.

What should not be displayed

  • Negative feedbacks
  • Overload of call-related metrics
  • Poor color combinations
  • Names of an individual with low performance

Make sure your wallboard is not crammed with irrelevant information.

Benefits of contact center wallboards

Improves efficiency/performance

Wallboards display the real-time performance of all agents. With stats being updated every moment and collated in one place, it becomes easier for agents and supervisors to make an informed decision. One can know how many calls are on hold and how far are they from achieving the day’s target. This increases their efficiency and makes them feel valued. Also, supervisors can create strategies without investing in any extra effort or money.

Keeps staff motivated and engaged

With a greater number of calls getting closed positively and being displayed on the wallboard screen, agents feel motivated. Also, the list of top performers makes them feel positive and inspire other agents to give their best.

Monitors performance and improve sales

Supervisors can easily monitor every individual and team’s performance with the KPIs displayed on the wallboard. Else, it gets tough to hear every call of every agent or match targets with some consolidated sheet. Supervisors can move around and monitor KPI and receive alerts even on their mobile phones. Also, the display of performance gives rise to healthy competition among agents leading to higher sales.

New channel performance monitoring

Wallboards help in analyzing how a new channel is performing to take further actions accordingly. Integration issues or long hold queues can be managed efficiently with real-time data. Every channel has separate issues and positives. Accordingly, things need to get planned for arranging the required number of staff. This can be done well with wallboards.

Customer satisfaction

With positive feedbacks, or major customer concerns, empathy words, positive phrases to be used are displayed on the wallboard, agents can understand what needs to be pitched to the customer. This helps in improving customer satisfaction and maintaining it.

Adjust the plan

With real-time data being displayed, the leaders or contact center managers can adjust the plan as per the situation. Also, the supervisor can check the number of agents available in a day to meet the target. Right-staffing is essential to stabilize and grow the productivity of your contact center. Such planning saves you from a shortage of agents or over-staffing issues.

Display of numbers in white and black can anytime disinterest agents, and they may not wish to see the wallboard any longer. So, try the gamified or intuitively designed wallboards that can be optimized any time, making things interesting for agents even in the stressed atmosphere.

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