What’s the Power of Powerful Integration?

Power of Powerful Integration

For a call center, the most significant thing is to carry out highly satisfying and successful interactions with its customers. Of course, that is how a call center manages to make new sales consistently, as each satisfied client is the source of referrals. It is something that the high-performing contact centers around the world are capable of doing. So, they are in that league of successful contact centers, doing a great job, when it comes to interacting with their customers either through live agents or virtual ones.

Certain factors make a conversation highly satisfying as well as enjoyable for both- customers and agents. Some of the things that help make interesting interactions are knowledge, training, and technology. These are the three main pillars for conducting highly satisfying interactions with your customers, which are equally rewarding for the agents and transpire into a profitable proposition for the contact center.

Knowledgeable contact agents provide satisfactory responses to the customers’ queries, provided they have been trained to use their knowledge base most effectively to come up with appropriate responses to customers’ queries. Of course, all this is possible when the right technology is in place to enable these highly satisfying interactions. How you leverage the technology to conduct these conversations is the most important aspect that any contact center has to ensure to stay ahead of the curve and keep a healthy bottom line.

The right technology, and more importantly, its right integration using contact center software with CRM or customer database having information about your customers, which you use to interact with your customers, is how you can leverage technology in a contact center to your benefit. Therefore, in a contact center, seamless integration of contact center software with your CRM is an important decision to ensure smooth operations.

Cisco is one of the major players in contact center CRM integration, helping contact centers through its popular Cisco finesse, a next-generation agent and supervisor desktop enhancing customer care experience, and Cisco UCCX, a compact contact center tool designed to manage customers interactions by managing calls, chat, and email. Both these systems help enable powerful integration with your CRM for seamless and highly satisfactory interactions with your customers while also providing flexibility to your agents so that they perform at their level best.

With Cisco finesse CRM integration, it is easy to enhance customer satisfaction through its highly collaborative system that offers s seamless flow of information for the entire team for quick and satisfactory resolution of customers’ queries. Whereas, through Cisco UCCX CRM integration, it is so easy to route calls to the most appropriate team or agents, send responses through IVR, email, and chat very quickly. Similarly, Avaya and Genesys are the other major players offering seamless integration with your CRM or their CRMs to provide you a highly interactive interface to help achieve your stipulated goals. Should you go with Avaya integration, Genesys integration, or Cisco integration based on your contact center. Well, that is something you can decide according to your specific requirements and what is there you are focusing on to enhance the productivity of your contact center.

Some of the most apparent advantages of powerful contact center integration that can prove beneficial in the short, as well as a long run, are as below:

Create a Truly Collaborative Environment:

One of the advantages of powerful integration using Cisco contact center integration with your CRM system or similar interfaces or contact center integration software of other major companies such as Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Dialpad etc. with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Zendesk, CRM 360, Oracle, Fiserv., etc., is that your entire contact center team finds it on the same page for seamless collaboration resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Reduce Cost:

It is one of the most specified advantages from the top management point of view. By integrating this powerful tool, you can improve upon AHT, call resolutions, offer a personalized experience, and much more. All this helps to reduce the cost in the short as well as long term.

Enhance Agent Performance:

Through its highly intuitive integrated system, the information flow is smooth and easily accessible across the platform that helps agents in making fewer mistakes and thereby enhancing their performance consistently.

Reduce Call Time:

With smart automation, it is easy to perform repetitive tasks such as browsing, database lookups during a call through automated responses, thereby reducing the call time substantially.

By ensuring a powerful integration of the contact center software of some leading providers such as Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Five9, Dialpad etc., with major CRMs, it is not only possible to enhance the performance of contact center agents but also of the entire contact center. By enabling this integration successfully, your contact agents interact with your customers with confidence that, in turn, reflects through highly satisfying customer interactions that transpire in the repeat customers and increased sales while keeping your bottom line healthy.

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