Halloween 2020 and Scary Customer Experience

Scary Customer Experience

Is your customer experience scary or are you scared by customer’s reactions? Bad customer service is like a horror story. This Halloween, its time to catch the vampire, ghost or witch and more of the business and kick them out with easy solutions giving way to a happy Christmas.

Calling from hell 

Calling from hell 

Scary nights of contact center come with technology. Agents feel just like working from hell if they lack the updated technology at their call center. If your representative still struggles with screen switches to collect customer information, repetitively ask for details, have no dynamic scripts in place, your contact center is a big time disappointment for your agents, indeed for customers.

Change hell to heaven

Technology issues are easy to resolve. You just need to understand where your contact center is lacking or what agents are demanding to meet customer satisfaction. The first step is to have an integrated and unified agent desktop. This will empower agents with customer information on a single screen even before answering the call for a personalized experience. With screen switch as per IVR inputs, agents can guide customers better and significantly improve the call resolutions. Moreover, industry-specific templates reduced the average handle time by allowing agents to focus on customer issues instead of struggling between unwanted fields and information.

Change hell to heaven

Curse from the customer 

Customer yelling at agents is like a cruse for the agents. This could be because of endless reasons ranging from poor technology to inadequate training. Customers barely have any time in their day to day life for issues. In all this hectic life, being put on hold or receiving incomplete/wrong information from an agent bring only frustration to customers. Sorry but the customer will only shout on your agents that would sound no less than a curse.

Stop the curse and get the bless

As discussed in the above issue, technology has the power to delight customers and convert a hex into a blessing. A customer is addressed with the first name by a smart agent who knows what to pitch when a nicely crafted agent script is a delight. Customers will appreciate the business and wish to continue with you for a more extended period.

Stop the curse and get the bless

Nightmare of bad word of mouth

Poor customer service with unsatisfied agents and customers is likely to fetch you bad reviews. It takes seconds to lose a customer due to poor service. Most people don’t bother to complain but leave the brand/discontinue the association with a business. Even customers are proactive when it comes to sharing bad experiences with a company. A couple of bad word of mouth marketing has the power to shake your highly reputed business running for years.

Goodness everywhere

Every problem has a solution. Of course, you cannot delight all your customers but always calm them down. Train agents to handle customer calmly with the power of positive words. Ask for feedback, understand issues and offer a possible resolution. Make customers feel heard and valued. If you think there are many fishes in the pond, remember many fishermen like you gazing at your pond.

To wrap up, before the small gaps grow big and make your Halloween horrifying, its time to take the best foot forward and collect maximum candies for the sweet journey ahead.

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