Customer Engagement Is No Bed Of Roses

Customer Engagement

“You did not reply to my Facebook message regarding product query. You people don’t even have the WhatsApp support system. What agents does this brand have, no informed replies on live chat.”…. Boom, this was just a nightmare. If such dreams scare you and wake you up sweaty at midnight its high-time to rethink your business and customer engagement.

The primary thing is to understand that customers are present on every channel and expect the same from the business. Indeed, it’s not just about presence but real-time engagement. The story does not end here. After the engagement, they look forward to personalized service and practical solutions from a brand. This is a cyclic process to create loyal customers through the right engagement strategy.

Right engagement strategy helps to

  • Deliver the right information at the right time to the right customer
  • Build emotional connections
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance agent productivity
  • Increase sales
  • Better customer retention
  • Approach prospects
  • Proactively solve customer problems
  • Grow loyalty and trust
  • With so many benefits to meet the high expectations of customers, customer engagement is something your business should never dare to miss. So, here’s how you can make things heaven for you, your agents, and your customers.

    Get in touch with customers:

    Take a break from just the voice calls and move on to other digital channels where your customers are waiting for your brand presence. Switch to omnichannel customer engagement software that helps you engage with customers when and where they are. Don’t make your website an aisle that a visitor passes by. Personalize their web experience with proactive greetings, page-specific chat, and other live chat features. Engage for superb customer experience.

    Shift to smart systems:

    Make your systems talk well among each other and channels. Omnichannel customer engagement never means to have different teams for different channels. It means to have the same agent handling all channels over a single system for real-time conversation. This calls for a smart system that offers seamless integration, enabling agents to view customer information and interaction history even before the conversation begins. An integrated and advanced system saves agents from switching screens or struggling with conversation context while handing all digital channels.

    Empower your agents:

    Equip your agent with relevant information to sound prepared for the communication. Provide them with a dedicated agent workspace that offers integration along with built-in productivity tools such as Case Management tool and Knowledge Base. Now your agent can’t miss a query across platforms and can provide a much informative solution by referring to or sharing relevant documents.

    Monitor your moves:

    It is better to have real-time monitoring than to perform an analysis in your dream and wake up in worry. Get an apt and integrated real-time and historical reporting tool in place. From monitoring agents’ performance to analyzing what’s better for the business, what engages customers more, etc. — this tool can help you a big way.

    Get the right agent to handle the conversation:

    Every department or agent has their expertise. Understanding this fact and moving accordingly is what can make your business have the best possible customer engagement every time. But you can’t sit, read each conversation, and send it to the concerned person. That will kill all your time and customers too. Be instant with an intelligent routing system. Have robust routing that automatically flows the conversation or emails to the right agent/team for resolution.

    Now that you know what your business needs, it’s time to choose the right customer engagement software that delivers on the aforesaid points and gel well with your business goals. It would be best if you looked for a single-box setup that is easy to install and use. That integrates well with the current flow and does not require agents to get trained on the system working but focuses on customer conversation.

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