6 Reasons Why To Switch Over To Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Omnichannel customer engagement is about conversing with customers across channels without losing the context. It allows a seamless transition between channels such as social, chat, email, Whatsapp, and voice. A customer expects high-quality interaction whether over a live chat, voice, or social media. According to a study, companies with omnichannel customer engagement are able to retain 89% of customers. Yet not every business has shifted over to this approach.

You need to understand; customers prefer to control their decisions on their terms. With omnichannel engagement, businesses can pitch sales approach via multi-channel. So, if your still unaware of the relationship of omnichannel engagement and enhanced customer experience, here are few benefits to know

1. Engage in real-time

Serve your customers when and where they are. It means a lot to them. Customers crave for importance and convenience; this is what omnichannel customer engagement does. It presents you as always there to resolve customer issues in real-time. Today, people are more aware and specific about what they want from a brand. They perform their level 1 research and approach your business for much-informed discussion. When interacting in real-time with the best possible answers, the customers grow trust in your business and prefer to stay loyal with you.

2. Personalized experience every time

Customers can kick off a conversation on any channel without losing context. Any agent can pick the ongoing conversation irrespective of channel. Gone are the days when customers preferred calling a company and waiting in the long queues. This is where webchat and co-browsing ease the lives of customers and agents. Agents can pitch personalized solutions to visitors and guide through the website with a page-specific chat rule engine. With video and audio live chat features, omnichannel has taken customer engagement to the next level.

3. Collect customer data

The importance of customer insights is evident in every contact center business. When connecting via multiple channels, the business can acquire much knowledge about customers to understand the behavior better and influence their buying decision. With an omnichannel integrated system in place, the data is easily assembled and displayed across channels. When you know which is the most visited page and where customers drop off, you can plan all your activities accordingly. Further, you can train your agents on particular queries.

4. Power of integration

The omnichannel customer engagement solution plays on the power of integration. An agent has access to customer information even before starting the conversation with 3rd party application integrations. Further, the integrated system leaves no space for switching applications with a unified interface in place. Agents are also equipped with pre-built tools such as case management, knowledgebase, surveys, and more that make them sound informative all the time. This maximizes agents’ productivity enabling them to handle multiple conversations in a go.

5. Transform customer experience

Omnichannel customer engagement has a major purpose of transforming the customer experience to a level customers hope for. With more competitors and evolving technologies, there is a spike in customers’ expectations. This is where real-time interactions, integration, customer insights, and more features of omnichannel tools come into play. This makes your strategies more aligned and enables you to enhance customer experience like never before. Leave no space for drop-offs with consistent conversation throughout.

6. Cost-effective

For every business, it is essential to think of ROI and cost. With omnichannel, there is no need to have separate teams or hire new agents for multiple channels. For instance, CX Infinity is a single-box, omnichannel solution that needs one serve, one system with a single interface to handle multiple channels. Now a single agent can cater to customer queries over various channels.

CX Infinity allows you to deliver a superb customer experience in a few clicks to keep 99% of customers loyal with queries resolved in the first go. From personalizing visitors, web experience to dedicated supervisor and agent workspace, the list of features is endless enhancing experience and performance.

With CX Infinity, you can

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