5 Best Practices to Optimize Your Government Contact Center Performance

5 Best Practices to Optimize Your Government Contact Center Performance

The 2019 budget plan proposed by President Trump is likely to cut down on the government and county service sector expenses. That makes managing contact center imperative for businesses.

At a time when most of the county and government agencies in the United States are struggling to control their growing expenditure and looking for ways to provide quick and effective solutions to the citizens at reduced costs, it is crucial for the contact centers to plan accordingly keeping in mind what is required to run a smooth and effective contact center operation. It requires you to strategize and prioritize the essential things that you should hold on to when you finally have to cut down your costs. Remember, the trick is to optimize the contact center in a way that it is equipped with the right resources that will enable you to achieve your desired objective. Here are some crucial points that you need to consider in order to run a smooth and productive contact center operation:

Centralized System

In most government contact centers, it is often seen that they tend to have specific agents and agent desktops for different departments that are offering similar services. Centralized system, is the best way to optimize this expenditure. Here, a centralized agent desktop allows customer care representative to attend calls and address concerns of all the departments, thereby reducing the infrastructural expense.

Single Pane of Glass Experience

Having a unified view of all customer information on a single screen enhances agents’ productivity by reducing the average handling time (AHT) and improving first call resolution (FCR). This can be made possible by integrating all 3rd party applications with your contact center. This will not only help in quicker call resolution but also empower agents to deliver an exceptional customer experience with a single pane of glass view.

  • Agent Empowerment

An important cornerstone of any business is the ability to provide continuous training to its employees/staff. For contact centers, you need to provide on-the-job training to agents to keep them updated and ready to tackle complex situations. The best way to do it is to have applications like knowledge base and Dynamic Guided Agent Scripts, designed by managers or the respective heads. It helps new/junior agents to handle calls like a pro. This reduces the agent’s dependency on their seniors or supervisors and contributes to contact center efficiency.

  • Smooth Integration System

Provide smooth integration to your agent desktop with internal third-party applications like CRM, ticketing platforms and others, so that your agent doesn’t have to switch screens or put the caller on hold to fetch information. Smooth integrations empower agents in driving personalized conversations with the customers and in offering contextual insight into the issues. So, agents can now provide the right information at the right time.

  • Omnichannel Services

With the rise of technology, people are spending more time in the digital world for almost all their needs which includes socializing, researching and much more. In the digital era, companies are expected to offer customer services via different online platforms such as social media, mail, web, SMS/text, mobile, calls, etc. Contact centers need to move a step up from providing multi-channel services to offering omnichannel services so that all those channels are integrated with each other. This enables the customers to connect with the contact center agents through any channel of their choice—and seamlessly switch between channels without any worry.

These were the key requirements to build a cost-effective contact center with increased productivity and enhanced customer service. NovelVox offers products with the above-mentioned features. We provide industry-specific solutions for companies of all sizes. With the intention to provide customized solutions, NovelVox has created City Assist, a product package exclusively designed for county and government entities to offer optimized cost-effective contact center solutions. Using City Assist, contact center agents will be empowered and well-equipped to handle calls for multiple departments from a single agent desktop.

Request a demo to know how you will benefit from it.

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