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Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktops will empower your agents to deliver improved customer experience. Compatible with Cisco Finesse UCCX/E, Genesys and Avaya Contact Center platforms.

Powerful Agent Desktop for Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) and Cisco Unified Contact Center Express to empower your agents to deliver true customer experience.

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cisco finesse agent desktop
cisco finesse unified agent desktop
Cisco Unified Agent Desktops
Unified Agent Desktops
Unified Agent Desktops
Ciso Finesse Unified Agent Desktops
Unified Agent Desktops group chat gadget
Unified Agent Desktops
Unified Agent Desktops
cisco finesse agent desktop
cisco finesse agent desktop
cisco uccx agent desktop

Your Cisco Contact Center Agent Desktop, Your Design.

Out of Box Flexibility

The NovelVox Unified Agent Desktop out of box can be easily configured to sit on contact centers based on Cisco UCCX agent desktop, Genesys and Avaya. In fact, our agent desktops can operate with multiple vendors simultaneously.

The appearance and design of the agent desktop, right down to font and color can easily be configured to match your operational needs. Speak to us about how this is done.

Contact Center Agent Desktop Unification

Integrating to other business applications is essential for your agents to operate efficiently and to provide a high level of customer experience. Having a ‘single pane of glass’ view of your customer will improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduce your Average Handling Time (AHT) whilst providing a first-class customer experience.

Our Unified Agent Desktops not only unify your agent desktop, but also optimize the call center agent desktop to ensure that the required, information is readily available without having to perform extra clicks or page scrolls.

Streamlining and reducing costs

The Unified Agent Desktop based on UCCX agent desktop option allows call centers to improve agent interactions with customers, manage customer responses and reduce training times for new starters. The simple approach of the software, ease of setup and ongoing maintenance provides the ability to provide real time data to different areas of the business, while simultaneously improving business processes.

Ultimate Agent Desktop Flexibility

Pre-Built Industry Templates

Customize Your Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop

Use the many pre-built templates to get your agent desktop looking the way you want it.


Connecting third-party business applications

Unify the Agent Desktop by integrating to all your business applications. Pre-built connectors are available with.


Cisco Finesse Gadgets

Choose from any of our pre-built Gadgets to quickly and simply add functionality. New Gadgets constantly added by NovelVox agent desktop.

Visual Desktop Designer

Finesse Gadget Designer

Drag and Drop Visual designer so you can perfect the agent desktop look, feel and behavior whenever you want.

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