By - Rahul Mishra

Visual IVR, An Interactive Approach to Customer Interaction


A visual IVR is an interactive technology that enables phone systems to route calls based on spoken word responses and touch-tone input.  Just as in traditional IVR customers could interact with the system through voice, visual IVR allows customers to interact through voice as well as touch inputs.

What is Visual IVR?

Benefits of Visual IVR in Contact Center

1. Improved Brand Image

Visual IVR presents an interactive and fun way for customers to communicate their issues, helping you build a strong and memorable brand image.

2. Personalized Experience

With visual IVR, you can offer personalized experiences to your customers by incorporating the customer's inputs and help improve brand-customer relationship.

3. Cost Saving

An IVR typically costs less than $1 for each contact, saving more than 80% compared to telephone-based customer care, which can cost up to $12 per contact.

4. Faster Resolution

Visual IVR helps expedite first call resolution by giving customers the power of self-service through an interactive platform.

5.Seamless Interaction

Visual IVR helps improve digital engagement by integrating multi-channel user journey.