5 Key Call Center  Metrics

Determine how well your customer service is performing.

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First Call Resolution (FCR)

How efficiently do you solve customer queries in a go with First Contact Resolution (FCR)?

PRO TIP - CRM integrations and right agent routing can reduce escalations and boost FCR.

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Average Handling Time (AHT)

Gauge the call center’s overall level of customer satisfaction with Average Handling Time (AHT).

PRO TIP - An excellent call center script simplified your call handling actions and reduced AHT.

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Service Level and Response Times

Analyze how easily customers can reach your agents and how quickly they can resolve a problem.

PRO TIP - Unified agent desktops with CRM provides access to customer data that can speed up resolution.

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Case Escalations

You can use case escalation rates to pinpoint skill and training gaps in agents.

PRO TIP - Training, CRM integrations, agent scripting, and real-time unified agent desktop prevent escalations.

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QA scoring (Call Quality Analysis)

QA scoring helps evaluate & contrast the call quality to establish requirements for professionalism.

PRO TIP - An automated scorecard provides a data-driven approach to enhance QA scoring.