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iVision Touch Dashboard – Mobile Wallboard Solutions for Android/iOS

iVision Touch from NovelVox is a flexible and extensible mobile application designed to retrieve real-time contact center KPIs and metrics whilst being off site.

iVision Touch is compatible with contact centers from Cisco, Genesys and Avaya.

wallboard ivision touch
iVision Wallbaord for mobiles
mobile agent desktop solutions

Real-time KPIs

Never miss important contact center KPIs again. You can manage your contact center from anywhere in the world with easy to use and understandable graphical dashboards, customized to your exacting requirements.

Out-of-Box Dashboards

iVision Touch has pre-designed dashboards for Cisco UCCE/X and Avaya. Dashboards are available for Supervisors, Agents, Teams and Contact Center Operations executives.

Real-time Alerts

Create thresholds that will alert you immediately so you are confident your contact center is operating to its full effect.

3rd Party Application Integration

Additionally, iVision Touch integrates with northbound applications such as CRM, Ticketing systems, WFM, ERP, Middleware, bespoke systems and legacy applications using technologies such as Java, SOAP/XML, REST, SQL, .Net or any open API framework. Users can get any KPI from any system onto their dashboards.

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