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Extend your Wallboard Software into Digital Signage

iVision Digital Signage Wallboards for Healthcare provides patients and visitors with up-to-the minute information which reduces inquiries and improves patient and visitor experience.

list of health care providers

The iVision Wallboard Digital Signage for Healthcare is the perfect way to provide real-time information to your patients and visitors. Multiple screens can be incorporated into a single display and rotated automatically. Data can be sourced from your internal systems or from industry standard providers like ServiceNow or Salesforce.

iVision Digital Signage is an extension of iVision Wallboard, meaning our customers can mix and match Wallboard Licenses with Digital Signage for greater flexibility.

Internal Resource allocation

iVision Healthcare Digital Signage

Digital Signage in real-time to all internal employees will improve efficiency and productivity. No longer does personnel need to take time to gather operational information.

Visitor Instructions

iVision Healthcare Digital Signage

Visitors are directed and informed how to register upon arrival, freeing up your administrative team to perform higher priority tasks and delivering better patient care.

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