Reduced Average Call Duration

Agents can save 15-20 seconds on every call lost in the juggling of screens to get the call context right from the start and resolve customer queries. Customers don’t need to repeat information to every agent

  • Agent has caller information in front of them
  • No more screen switch
Screen Pop

Optimized Agent Performance

Customer information pops up even before answering the call. Screen Pop core system empowers agents with member details to create a personalized experience without the need for any extra training.

  • Address caller with first or last name
  • Offer higher and quicker resolution
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Improved member satisfaction

Members do not need to identify themselves with every call or department. Flexibility to expedite high-value premium accounts to the front of call queues. Thereby, retaining more customers

  • No manual member authentication
  • Improve NPS and CSAT
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Higher First Call Resolution

Lesser to and fro of screens with all information in front of the agent to handle calls efficiently. Quicker resolutions without the worry of losing call context. No long hold time or frustration over a single call.

  • Maintain call context with information pop-up
  • Instant resolutions with details available for agent
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Integration with Core Providers

Screen pop core providers including Fiserv, Jack Henry, FIS, VISIFI, Corelation, and more. The integration is compatible with Cisco, Avaya and Genesys.

  • Core system screen pop fetches customer information
  • Personalized member experience
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Seamless Integration with

  • Salesforce Integration
  • MS-Dynamics Integration
  • Sugar-CRM Integration
  • Sagecrm Integration
  • CRM-360 Integration
  • ServiceNow Integration
  • zendesk Integration
  • freshdesk Integration
  • bmc-Remedy Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Oracle-Healthcare Integration
  • Symitar Integration
  • JackHenry Integration
  • FIS Integration
  • Fiserv Integration
  • Infosys-Finacle Integration
  • LAWSON Integration
  • Epic Integration
  • Cerner Integration
  • Aetna Integration
  • Siebel Integration
  • TelmedIQ Integration
  • Tibco Integration
  • ZOHO Integration
  • Nice Integration
  • Calabrio Integration
  • Uptivity Integration
  • Verint Integration
  • Microsoft-Active-Directory Integration
  • MS-Excel Integration
  • IBM-AS Integration
  • eGain Integration
  • upstreamworks Integration
  • SimCom Integration

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