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Our team of designers, developers, and project implementation team are at your disposal

Over the years, NovelVox has gathered world-class expertise and experience across numerous projects across all industries. Our flexible Professional Services team can help with bringing your new contact center to life.

We can advise on Agent Desktop Design, Supervisor Desktop Design, Integration to other applications, Wallboards and how to maximize your agent desktop to reduce AHT and improve FCR.

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Creating your Agent Desktop

Cisco? Genesys? Avaya?

Our team of developers have designed, built and deployed contact center agent desktops across Cisco Finesse, Genesys and Avaya platforms. There isn’t much about these platforms that we don’t know about.

Some of our customers has even asked for a agent single desktop to connect to both Cisco and Avaya contact center platform, something that NovelVox has great experience in. Tell us what you need and we’ll build it.

Agent Desktop Design

Saving agent time when requesting customer data is vital to a contact center to reduce costs. Our team of UI experts can help guide you to create an efficient agent friendly desktop which minimizes on clicks, scrolls and data fetches, with the ultimate goal of reducing average handling time.

Our team can create agent desktop ‘layers’ based on IVT input, conditional arguments, and single page loads for optimum performance during customer engagement.

Unifying the Agent Desktop

Application Integration

Integrating your agent desktop to all your third-party applications is essential to gather 360 degree view of the customer. Data must be readily available and up-to-date depending on customer query. Asking your customer to wait on the phone will disrupt your brand and cause customer dissatisfaction.

NovelVox has integrated it’s Agent Desktops to Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow, Epic, Zendesk, Oracle Applications, SAP and many other industry standard applications.

Bespoke Integration

It is not uncommon for many organizations to create their own applications to manage their unique business processes. If the application has an open channel, our developers can write custom code to securely integrate to your application and read/write the required data fields onto your agent desktop.

Alternately, we can help with integrating to databases, spreadsheets or other data repositories. We can help write bespoke JAVA connectors or REST based APIs should these be required. All in all, if the channel is open, NovelVox can connect to it.

Bespoke Wallboards and Supervisor Desktops

Bespoke Wallboards

Designing the perfect wallboard that integrates to all your applications is vital to your contact center. Happy Agents that have up-to-the minute metrics on performance, results in Happy customers. Wallboards are the lifeblood to a smooth running contact center.

NovelVox can help you design your own wallboard to achieve your contact center KPIs. Tell us what data you want to show (and how to change thresholds) and we’ll build you what you need. Simple as that.

Supervisor Desktops

Supervisors need real-time contact center agent data in an easily digestible format so your supervisors can make informed decisions to meet contact center KPIs. They need to barge into a call, or listen in for training purposes.

Our team of developers and consultants can help you design your supervisor desktop to empower supervisors through a carefully designed desktop. We are able to advise on design and data capture so your supervisors are always ahead of the game.

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