Knowledge Base Software

Empower your agents with right knowledge at the right time for faster resolution and reduced tickets related to customer query or complaints. It stores all the relevant knowledge assets to meet strategic and tactical requirements when answering a call. This centralized call center knowledge management software reduces customer’s hold time and deliver highly-personalized learning experience.

  • Manage, read, rate documents
  • Share relevant documents with caller via email
  • Multilingual documents access and sharing
  • FAQ sections for instant support
  • Software can be accessed when on a call
  • Advance search for articles with creation date, file type, keywords, and more.
  • Work as standalone or built-in gadget
Knowledge Base

Ticketing Software

Assure consistent customer service support with a centralized ticketing system. It enables agents to resolve any issue across channels and continue the best possible conversation without losing context. Contact center ticketing gadgets offer organized workflow, customization of interface and integration offers quick resolutions and happy customers.

  • Optimize interface as per business requirements
  • Multiple tabs for simultaneously work on more than one ticket
  • Manage tickets from phone, chat, email
  • Allow documents attachment
  • Advance search with date, status, ticket number and more
  • Track history of actions performed on ticket
  • Multilingual ticketing interface
  • Create, view, edit tickets
  • Assign multiple ticket to a user
  • Department wise ticket handling
  • Work as standalone or built-in gadget
Ticketing Software

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