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Integrate Cisco Finesse with Episys®, Synapsys Member Relationship Management™, and other in-house applications with Unified Desktop by NovelVox

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Jack Henry Integration with Cisco Finesse

NovelVox offers unified agent desktop solutions for contact centers such as Cisco Finesse (UCCX/UCCE), Genesys and Avaya. Credit unions and other financial institutions can integrate various Jack Henry products, including Episys®, Synapsys Member Relationship Management™, with other in-house applications including CRM, ticketing application and 3rd party applications to one unified agent desktop.

Empower your agents with a unified agent desktop to reduce average handle time (AHT) and improve first call resolution (FCR). With NovelVox and Jack Henry ready connectors, your Supervisors can ensure smooth operational performance with simple to navigate Supervisor desktop and your agents can now manage the following customer details from a single agent desktop view.

  • Accounting
    • Check Deposit Tracking
    • Payee Manager – View ACH Transactions, List of Payees, Fetch Payee Record Details
    • Checks – Order Checks, Fetch Check record, Edit Check Record etc.
    • Payroll – View Member Payroll Records etc.
  • Cards
    • ATM – Block Card, Transaction List view (ATM/POS/BP/HB)
    • Credit Cards – Merchant & Teller Card Transactions View, Specialist Services (Refunds, Fee Reversal Requests, Credit Voucher Exception)
  • Collection
    • View Collection info
    • View Loan/Share (Single Screen)
    • Create CP Work Card Record
    • Collection Removal Warning Lis
    • Change Account
  • Lending
    • Application Processing – Track Progress, Loan Decisions,
    • View Application Info
    • View Member, Finance and Tracking Records
    • Create Pledge Record/Other CRUD services
    • Credit Card Loan Setup
    • Credit Report Request (e.g. Equifax)
    • View Dealer Reserve Accounting
    • Transactions Decline – Partial Approval, Transaction Amount limit
  • Member Services
    • Application Processing
    • Member Accounts
    • Account Management – Send Email, Create/Revise Records, Card Requests etc
    • Member Manager – Member Name/Address Merge Request, Create New Member Address Record etc
    • Projections – IRS Tax projections, Dividends
  • Teller
    • Teller Transactions

NovelVox – Jack Henry Products Integration Deployment Architecture

Jack Henry Products Integration
  • NovelVox consumes Episys WS (SOAP) via SymExchange interface
  • NovelVox Servers host equivalent REST for downstream consumption
  • Cisco IVR to consume these REST services
  • NovelVox Client (FUAD) consumes these REST services
  • Unify Cisco, Jack Henry Products, Other 3rd Party systems (ticketing, CRM etc) to deliver unified agent desktop experience

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