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Insurance Focused Unified Agent Desktops

NovelVox has been creating Insurance Unified Agent Desktops since 2009. Our experience has allowed our customers to really engage with their end-customer in an effective and efficient manner.

With out-of-box flexibility, this agent desktop can be moulded easily to your exact requirements. This Agent Desktop is compatible with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya Contact Centers.

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insurance agent desktops

with easy integration to

novelvox healthcare egain integration
novelvox healthcare sap integration
healthcare epic integration
novelvox healthcare oracle integration
NovelVox salesforce Integration
novelvox healthcare servicenow integration

Agent Desktops tuned for Insurance

happy agent on the phone
  • Customer information with medical and motor policy numbers
  • Update customer info record: Email, address, preferred language etc.
  • Integration with SMS Gateway and Email Server
  • Customer information. Supports single/multiple matches
  • Reimbursement management – initiating new claims, settlements, transaction history, approvals etc.
  • Store list of hospitals, embassy details, currency lists
  • Generate visit visa, acceptance letter, approval letters
  • Quick links with seamless integrations
  • Manage all claim/sub-claims (initiate new claims, approvals, authorizations, loss, rejection, settlement, progress etc.)
  • Customer survey after claim settlement
  • Manage customer motor policy
  • Manage customer information, policy schedule, policy statements, exclusions
  • Last X Calls
  • Customer survey and Net Promoter Score
  • Policy Notes

Out of Box Flexibility

Universal Connector

Connecting third-party business applications

Unify the Agent Desktop by integrating to all your business applications. Pre-built connectors are available.

Pre-Built Gadgets

Cisco Finesse Gadgets

Choose from any of our pre-built Gadgets to quickly and simply add functionality. New Gadgets constantly added by NovelVox.

Visual Desktop Designer

Finesse Gadget Designer

Drag and Drop Visual designer so you can perfect the agent desktop look, feel and behavior whenever you want.

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