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How many desktops is your supervisor using?

Often when it comes to agent experience we talk a lot about having a Unified Agent Desktop, but what about your supervisor? For a supervisor to work effectively and efficiently, they also need a unified desktop that is designed as a cockpit, where they have access to actionable intelligence and able to make decisions based on this intelligence.

When it comes to the contact center world, the supervisor has three different desktops.

  • Actions (barge-in, conferencing in, make agent ready, etc.)
  • Agent Management (Agent Reskilling, Password Management)
  • Realtime group reports (Agent based reports, Team based reports, skill-based reports)

Each of these desktops typically provides you access to do more in depth actions, for example, with reporting it allows the supervisor to go into more detail and drill down on various report attributes. However, sometimes a supervisor does not need this depth, instead the supervisor needs a snapshot or dashboard view within their own supervisor desktop to be able to take quick and informed decisions.

NovelVox has taken the philosophy of unifying the agent desktops and bought it to the supervisor’s desktop. This will empower supervisors with a unified view of the contact center’s operation and provide the actionable intelligence that can be acted upon. This extra performance will reduce the time spent in gathering supervisor information, leaving more time to manage their agents. Productivity is improved which in turn helps supervisors to achieve their KPIs.

So, what did we do to improve the Supervisor Desktop?

Unified Supervisor Desktops


We built a Unified Supervisor Desktop for Cisco Finesse, where it connects to your different Cisco contact center systems into one desktop. Even 3rd party systems can be connected, such as voice recorders, workforce management or quality monitoring applications, and shown on one Supervisor desktop. This means, on one desktop you can:

  • Reskill an agent(s)
  • Schedule Agent Reskilling
  • Bulk mode reskilling
  • Apply Custom Keyboard Shortcut
  • Finesse Admin for Agent Management
    • Managing & Applying new precision queues for Cisco UCCE
    • Managing agent information and password
  • Agent-to-Agent and Supervisor to Agent chat, along with group chats, Message broadcaster
  • Skill based groups stats from Cisco UCCE embedded within Unified Supervisor Desktop for Cisco Finesse
  • Manage and monitor other essential contact center systems, such as CRM, ERP and another business-critical application

So, the question is: Why are you using 3 desktops, when you can just use one Unified Supervisor Desktop for Cisco Finesse.



About NovelVox

Established in 2008, NovelVox creates flexible Contact Center Agent Desktops, Wallboards and other contact center applications for customers of all sizes, ranging from Enterprise Organizations to more dynamic customer centric companies. Our products are designed to compliment a variety of Contact Center vendors including, Cisco, Avaya and Genesys.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a fully customized agent/ supervisor desktop that will empower contact center agents with the right information at the right time, every time. Happy agents equals happy customers.

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