Customers see your organization as one entity, with one face and a unique personality. This is your Brand Equity, and it does have a monetary value to it. Apple, one of the most desired brands has a brand equity of over $170Bn in 2017 (Forbes). This colossal value is a combination of Innovation and Service Delivery.

Let’s talk about Service Delivery

For those of you who have experienced the Apple Customer Service will quickly realize that they are at the forefront of customer experience. Customers are receiving a level of service not seen in any industry in history and are all quite happy to hand over $700 for a mobile phone, which has a shelf life of 2 years. This proves that customers are willing to pay for exceptional customer experience which in turn drives up Brand Equity.

What’s that got to do with the Agent Desktop?

In today’s digital age, the contact center is the shop front to your brand. Customers who contact you through voice, email, webchat or social media have a perception in their own minds about how you as a brand should behave. This is because, your marketing department has told potential customers what your brand stands for and what your brand promises are.

So, when a new or existing customer calls your organization, they have expectations.

Customers always expect two things:

  • Responsive communication, no waiting around;
  • Customer question and query to be resolved, first time.

If these two expectations are not met, your brand will suffer, which in turn reduces your brand equity and your ability to retain customers.

Unifying the Agent Desktop is the single most important upgrade to improving Customer Experience

So how do I achieve this?

Agent Desktop Optimization

Organizing and Optimizing your agent desktop so agents do not need to scroll or click onto multiple tabs to retrieve customer information, as with each unnecessary click and scroll through, the agent is slowing down the customer interaction, which means fewer calls and the customer is left waiting.
Agent desktops should be designed and customized for quick data access to the most common information, so all customer interactions are responsive.

Unification of Agent Desktop

The complete 360-degree view of the customer is required to answer any query your customers throw at you. Agents never quite know what to expect from customers, so agent desktops must be equipped to handle every eventuality. This means integrating the agent desktop with all your back end business applications.

Unification is the single most important upgrade you can do to your agent desktop. It reduces ‘cut and paste’ errors, speeds up customer interactions to solve customer queries faster and empowers your agents to provide that extra customer care to improve customer experience.

NovelVox Finesse Unified Agent Desktops for Cisco Finesse

Optimization and Unification is made simple with NovelVox, for Cisco Finesse. Our drag and drop visual designer allows you to optimize your agent desktop for optimal performance. The Universal Connector allows easy integration to many industry standard applications as well as connecting to all your bespoke systems too. What are you waiting for, act now!