Voice Bot by InfiBot

Maximize customer experience and reduce agent workload with InfiBOT voice bot

Leverage human-like voice bots to speak to customers at scale

Intelligent voice bot that works with your
contact center

InfiBOT seamlessly integrates with industry’s top contact center applications
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Optimize your contact center and scale
customer support with InfiBOT voicebots

Serve customers anywhere with responsive voicebots that speak your customers’ languages

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Go live faster with pre-defined intents

Scale personalized interactions immediately and redefine customer journey with the brand by going live in no time.

Keep customers happy with faster

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Intelligent voice bots for every

…and for every channel
Lead generation
Customer service

Easily build conversation flows that work for your customers

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Smart features for effective conversations

All-in-one conversational customer
experience platform

Humanize customer experience at scale


Deploy robust bots in live web and in-app chat – and engage hundreds of customers and prospects simultaneously.

Omnichannel customer conversations

Empower agents and bots to interact with customers via email, text, live web and in-app chat, and social media


Answer every call instantly and make outbound bot calls to maximize customer engagement and increase sales.

Smart routing

Intelligent AI understands customer intent and routes calls to relevant agents when voicebot can’t resolve customer requests on its own.

Single-screen interface

Track omnichannel conversations in a single agent dashboard and follow customers along on their buying journey – from sales, to service.

Built-in personalization

InfiBOT personalizes every conversation with the customer’s preferred name and greeting – and references account information and previous interactions.

You’re in control


Understand your customers better with sentiment insights

Leverage real-time and historic omnichannel reports to understand customer sentiment across conversations to continuously improve and enhance customer experience and improve customer relationships over the long term.
Use sentiment scoring to get an in-depth understanding of customer perceptions and to direct your business strategy – in your CX department and beyond.

Create a voicebot for your business today

Leverage InfiBOT to scale humanlike interaction and resolve requests quickly to improve
customer experience and satisfaction.

Quick deployment

No-code builder


100s of integrations


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