Uncovering the Power of Advance Reporting and Analytics for your Contact Center

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Sentiment Analyser by InfiBOT

Leverage emotionally aware AI to understand and act on customer sentiment

Detect customers’ emotional states and provide relevant responses for quick and effective resolution

Welcome to the new age of AI

Personalized live conversations to greater customer experiences 

Every customer interaction matters.

While purely rules-based bots allow you to serve more customers at the same time, they lack the understanding of human emotion necessary to provide outstanding experiences to each customer

Don’t just talk to more customers: talk to them better!

InfiBOT can detect a wide range of human emotions by deciphering user utterances. It identifies and reports on the emotional state of each person’s interaction and can relay the client to an agent and even assist the agent throughout the conversation to maintain positive customer sentiment.

Sentiment Analyser

Scale empathetic customer interactions

Yes, your bot understands feelings! InfiBOT determines customer’s sentiment based on typed or spoken responses  words, expressions, punctuation, and emojis – and selects empathetic answers that provide the best customer experience.

Intelligently route conversations to a live agent and improve speed to resolution

InfiBOT tracks customers’ sentiment throughout the conversation and routes to a live agent when the sentiment is trending negative.

InfiBOT understands that resolving customers’ issues quickly is critical to CX success. If it doesn’t make headway with a customer, it routes the conversation to an available agent, selecting an agent most qualified to answer the customer’s question quickly.

Sentiment Analyser

Assist agents with advice from emotionally aware AI

Help your agents manage and improve on customer interactions with assistance from InfiBOT. InfiBOT monitors both bot and agent interactions and provides customer sentiment alerts to both agents and supervisors throughout the conversation. Using InfiBOT’s alerts, supervisors can give agents live private feedback or “butt in” and save conversations that are turning sour.

Understand your customers better with sentiment insights

Leverage real-time and historic omnichannel reports to understand customer sentiment across conversations to continuously improve and enhance customer experience and improve customer relationships over the long term.
Use sentiment scoring to get an in-depth understanding of customer perceptions and to direct your business strategy – in your CX department and beyond.

Ready to improve customer satisfaction and
get great reviews?

Leverage InfiBOT to scale humanlike interaction and resolve requests quickly to improve
customer experience and satisfaction.

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