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  • Unify your agent experience by connecting your telephony with your backend systems, databases and CRM’s. 
  • Empower contact center agents by providing them with all data and services on one desktop
  • Agents do not need to switch screens to fetch various information 
  • Offer delighting experience to citizens

City  Assist

Unique Desktop for Each Department

  • Get customized unique desktops catering to the particular department’s needs and requirements, like unique desktop for 311 services
  • Provide focused solutions to both—the citizens and agents
  • Swiftly address citizen’s concern, thus enhancing agent-caller experience
  • Be able to handle large volumes of work or queries that come in with ease and without compromising on the quality
  • Enable the supervisors with a ‘bird eye view' of the data
  • Enable advanced actions to optimize workforce performance like silent monitoring, barge in, reskilling and more  
  • Enable Supervisors to make informed decisions on operations or resource management
  • Enable Contact center supervisors to boost productivity and empower agents to achieve their KPIs quickly
  • Improve call’s Average Handling time by providing agents with the necessary tools and information all at one place
  • Now your agent can handle more call efficiently all while giving delightful call experience to citizens 
  • Will keep citizens happy as agents will be able to address their issues faster 
  • Will enable contact centers professionals to streamline their processes and enhances overall productivity  
  • Get all information of caller and details to specific concerns based on IVR feeds as soon as call is connected
  • No more switching screens or putting the caller on hold to fetch relevant customer information. Saves a lot of time and energy of both the caller and agent 
  • Empowers the contact center agents and enables them to deliver an exceptional customer experience  

One Integrated Contact Center Solution for All Government Services Ensuring Quality Engagement with Citizens

One Unified Contact Center System Connected All Services

Dedicated Agent Desktops for each Department including 311

Powerful Supervisor Desktops & Realtime Monitoring Wallboards  

Complete Knowledge Base at Your Service

  • Agents get access to complete knowledge base while on a call for any instant help with any complex query or issue that caller is facing
  • No need for switching screens to get information as you get knowledge base integrated within agent desktop
  • Improves AHT and productivity of the agent




City Assist For Supervisors

Contact For Pricing

Supervisor Desktop

iVision Wallboard

Core City Assist

Supervisor Desktop

iVision Wallboard

Contact For Pricing

Mobile Dashboard

Unified Agent Desktop

Compare Plans

Advance City Assist

Contact For Pricing

Unique Unified Agent Desktop for Each Department

Integrated Knowledge Base

Customized Supervisor Desktop

Custom Designed Wallboard for each Department.

Agent Scripting Tool

Mobile & Tablet Dashboard

One Integrated Contact Center Solution for all Government Services

Advanced Supervisor Desktop for County & Governments

Optimize Workforce, Take More Calls in Less Time

Know your Caller and Dynamically Get details based on IVR Feeds.

Guided Agent Scripts

  • Reduces training time for new contact center agent 
  • Provides guidance to contact center agents in simple steps to handle caller queries or issues 
  • Provides agents with the much-needed flexibility to respond to caller’s questions without worrying about failing to adhere to the compliance or regulatory requirements
  • Help in boosting contact center efficiency and improve agent productivity

Realtime Monitoring Wallboards

  • Monitors real-time team and individual performance in the contact center along with data and statistics
  • Creates an optimistic and positive contact center work environment
  • Motivate agents and teams to do better and give their best—both individually and collectively as a team
  • iVision Gamification Wallboards to motivate and empower your agents
  • View how agents are performing in real-time and show others of their achievements
  • Supervisors will be able to view their team performance stats and receive audio/visual alerts, SMS or email when thresholds breached

Mobile Dashboards for Anytime Access

  • Access to contact center real-time stats and figures from mobile dashboards
  • Supervisors will be able to view their team performance stats and receive audio/visual alerts, SMS or email when thresholds breached
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