Zoom, Skype, Meet or Something More For Video Chat?

Video Chat

Video call adds a spark to any conversation, whether formal or casual. A video call creates a unique connection from a business discussion between work from home employees to a friend’s reunion. Even stats can highlight the importance of video, such as 90% of people say videos make it easier to understand things. Even 93% of banks believe video improves customer satisfaction. Today, where remote working is the need for an hour, business needs to find various omnichannel contact center solutions to connect with customer and video chat.

When is video chat needed?

1. Discussing customer’s sensitive information:

Video chat is widely used in video KYC where is no security issue, and no 3rd party application needs to be installed. All crucial documents can now be verified, approved, and even authenticated virtually from anywhere without visiting banks or offices.

2. Visual assistance:

Video chat is the best mode of communication when there’s a need for practical understanding or showing is better than telling. For instance, when a person is stuck with product installation, a video call will offer live assistance better than written directives. This leaves no scope for confusion or misunderstanding and saves time and effort essentially.

3. Purchase decision:

Live assistance when it comes to purchasing a product or availing a service is possible through video chat. In-person understanding highly influences a customer’s choice. From explaining features and benefits to giving a live demo, everything is possible through a video chat. This helps resolve doubts instantly and reduces cart abonnement.

Why is a video-enabled contact center necessary?

Personalized customer experience:

Omnichannel solution already empowers you to connect with your customer in real-time over their preferred channel and video chat adds to exceptional customer experience. It offers personalization. Video chat is a face-to-face interaction that instantly creates strong bonds. It further helps in resolving queries in real-time by helping customers better understand the do’s and don’ts.

Real-time support:

Instant query resolution or website walkthrough is possible with video chat. It improves customer satisfaction with the product or service. Real-time support is more like one-to-one guidance that delivers higher value to every individual.

Improved conversation resolution:

Create a better understanding of offerings and faster issue resolution leaving no scope for unnecessary doubts.

How Cx Infinity Video chat is better than the rest

There are multiple video chat tools in the market and constantly an argument exists that which one is better for your business. Video chat is a medium that connects the customer with your business virtually and there are few challenges with any basic video chat solution such as

  • No integration with CRM applications
  • No unified view of customer information and other details over the video chat screen
  • No quality monitoring available
  • No routing available to redirect chat to the most apt agent
  • Cx Infinity video chat for Cisco is more than a basic meeting tool. This is an advanced omnichannel contact center solution that can change your customer service game and boost customer experience with features like

  • Quick transition – For quick resolution, instantly switch any live chat or text interaction to video chat
  • In-person assistance – Create an interactive experience with visual guidance and improve CSAT score along with emotional connect
  • One-stop solution – No 3rd party download. Manager video support along with other channels over a single interface.
  • Blended tool – Interface embedded within the existing Cisco Finesse interface for an agent to work seamlessly
  • Benefits with Cx Infinity:

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Higher FCR
  • Reduced complaints
  • Personalized support
  • Quality monitoring and analysis
  • Honest feedback
  • Seamless Omnichannel experience
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