Work From Home With Mobile Agent App For Cisco UCCE UCCX Contact Centers

Mobile Agent App For Cisco UCCE UCCX Contact Centers

The world is witnessing an unprecedented challenge with global news showcasing new cases of Coronavirus and measures to control it. Everyone is undergoing this trauma, and so are businesses. There’s a lockdown everywhere and social distancing the key to keep yourself and others safe. Where the Government and people are saying NO to large gatherings, offices are shifting to work from home (WFH) mode as a part of their business continuity plan.

The contact center is one of the businesses that is flooded with customer queries during this tough time irrespective of the industry. The customer is looking out for support and assurance that things will be alright. This has made continuity plan a mandate for call centers. Safety and health of agents is the top priority of the business that requires a quick transit to remotely or work from home mode of agents.

How does WFH benefit

  • Prevents/limits the transmission of new coronavirus cases
  • Keep-up the health and safety of agents
  • Jobs of existing agents is intact
  • Customer experience is not affected by the pandemic

But transitioning does not come out to be an ‘easy-peasy’ task for all. Organizations are stressed about the technology to opt for and related implementation issues. Here’s a solution from NovelVox.

NovelVox has been serving the Cisco contact center eco-system for the past 11 years, and here is NovelVox’s quick and flexible Finesse Unified Mobile Agent App (FUMA) to combat the current scenario. It has features, such as

  • Compatibility: FUMA is compatible with Cisco UCCE, UCCX, and PCCE. It supports Finesse V 12.5 and earlier.

  • Accessibility: Agents do not require VPN access. Only a simple Internet connection can help agents’ access or login to the app over a smartphone, tablet, or home PC.

  • Implementation: Quick within 24 hours implementation with a seamless transition to not let customer experience and agents’ health get affected.

  • Reporting: Real-time performance monitoring with agent stat updates. It allows the monitoring agent’s geo-location and plan calls accordingly.

  • Support: 24×7 support for customers. Agents can operate from anywhere across the globe and in any time zone.

  • Phonebook: Agent phonebook for smooth team coordination between agents all over the world improving call resolution

  • Integration: Seamless integration with CRM and other 3rd party applications empowering agents with the required information as a screen pop to reduce handle time and improve call resolution.

The mobile agent app is available in App Store and Google Play without the need for any additional Cisco license. The easy-to-use app does not require any training and is loaded with all call controls such as hold/retrieve, consult transfer, personal contacts, call transfer and more.

In this tough time, the FUMA app is one of the best possible solutions to take care of your agent’s well-being without letting your customers face any trouble.

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