When Phone Support Is Not Enough, Live Chat!

Live Chat

Gone are the days when customer support was a single avenue operation. Answering customer queries exclusively over phone was something that existed decades ago. Modes of communication are now diversified as much as the modes of business. Alongside customer service, customer support has emerged, taking convenience to a new height. Such a diversified premise necessitates a multi-channel approach to customer service.

Enter Live Chat!

In a digital-first era, having live chat support means you can provide real-time support to your customer, and that too with a 24/7 setting. Reports show that live chat generates about 73% more customer satisfaction levels than phone calls or email support.

It’s not always about the better customer experience, rather live chat plays a prime role in customer retention too. Reports reveal that more than 70% of customers are likely to return to the website offering live chat facility.

So what exactly interests customers about live chat? Let’s find out

Live Chat adds to your Convenience:

Unlike telecommunication, your customers can easily reach out to a support agent instantly. They no longer need to dial a number and wait for the phone call to get routed to the appropriate agent. Basically, with a live chat application for a website, like Cisco chat software there will be zero waiting time for the customers, which certainly delivers a better customer experience. Moreover, direct interaction with the agents positively impacts business credibility.

With live chat software, you can have your interactions saved for future use which is usually not always possible with a phone conversation. So, whenever needed, agents can refer back to it for context. From purchase-related queries to troubleshooting live chat supports “on-the-spot” answers.

Live Chat offers Proactive Engagement:

Though phone and email have been the mainstays of customer service solutions over the years, live chat support is one of the most novels yet cost-effective solutions. Why? Phone calls take a lot of wait times and back-and-forth while offering customer service. On the other hand, live chat platforms are easy to implement as well as offers proactive engagement alongside a host of added benefits. Quite obviously it makes a superior communication channel.

With Cisco chat software, there will be chat pop-ups to engage visitors as soon as they land on the website for proactive assistance. The best part is Cisco agents can answer queries even before the customer asks for them. It’s like real-time support of multiple queries at a time.

Live Chat offers Competitive Advantage:

Though many companies have implemented website chat software in recent years, not everyone has managed to realize its full potential. It’s still a new concept for several companies. But having a live chat facility along with the conventional telephone support can do wonders. In an increasingly digital premise where AI is driving everything and delivering convenience, having a live chat facility is more of a business imperative. There’s no way that you can ignore that multi-channel communication is a tried and tested way to build your brand’s identity. With apt tools in place, you can not only create leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Live Chat is Time Saving:

Ever wonder why most of your customers prefer to chat over other modes of conversation? Well, in most cases, as per the reports, live chat delivers better results in a much shorter span of time. For the organization, it is instrumental in maximizing the productivity of the agents. By implementing a live chat application for a website, you can seamlessly analyze response times and the total time consumed in resolving issues. According to research, with live chat functionality, an agent can resolve a regular query by 43 seconds on average.

Live Chat accelerates Sales:

Over the years, sales have changed completely into an act of building trust and credibility. And definitely not about selling things. From that perspective, live chat is certainly about creating an experience. Following the pandemic, online sales have grown in leaps and bounds. And, that’s the time, when most of the customers need real-time support while making transactions, and live chat support offers the same.

It helps create a personalized experience while resulting in accelerated conversions at a regular pace. According to a Forrester report, nearly 45% of US customers need support in the middle of the transaction. Nothing but the live chat support can help you get a real-time fix.

Final Thoughts:

Building long-term relationship is an absolute necessity in the current scenario, especially when the pandemic has turned the business landscape upside down. Live chat support alongside telecommunication offers a successful toolkit for a seamless customer experience. The purpose is not to augment customer experience only, but also to ensure customer retention, which’s going to pay off in the long run.

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