The Right Tool You Need to Get the Best Out of Your Call Center Operations

Call Center Operations

One of the most challenging tasks in call center operations is to be able to know what is going on right now, at this very moment in order to make on the spot decisions. And that is what call center managers would very much want to be doing than otherwise. Ready and real-time access to the relevant information about the entire operations can provide them with an actionable data which can be used to make informed decisions and which in turn help enhance the productivity of call center operations.

How Cisco Wallboard can be made more productive for improved call center operations

A Cisco wallboard integrated with the right kind of contact center software actively monitors what all is going on and filters you all the relevant and up to date information in real-time which may be acted upon to strategize the entire call center operations. While monitoring and filtering relevant data is something it does pretty smartly, there are various other benefits of using a Cisco call center wallboard.

  • It makes for a vibrant call center atmosphere because with all the relevant information which it provides can be useful to create focused content for agents and help them work much more effectively.

  • A Cisco contact center wallboard can summarize information from various sources like ACD, IVR, etc., used in a call center and make it available to you in an actionable and ready to use format which can be useful to promote the overall performance of a call center.

  • It also helps to make an informed decision because it gets you what all you need to act upon in a summarized and actionable format with the help of a highly customizable dashboard where you can view the relevant information in one glance.

  • With its help, you can come up with an effective seating plan as it gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire activity area and makes it easy to pinpoint faulty or inactive seats across all your call center sites.

  • You can program your Cisco Finesse Wallboard using suitable software to gamify your wallboard to motivate your agents as well as make it more interesting for them.

  • Reduces unnecessary inquiries by upfront providing your updated and relevant information

  • Customize and configure it with your Mobile phone (Android/iOS) to get you what all you want to know about your call center in a summarized actionable format on the go.

  • Cisco call center wallboard based iVision contact center wallboard software from NovelVox takes monitoring to all new level with it’s improved and easy to manage interface which enhances the performance of a call center using Cisco wallboard and thereby complements the same in a great manner.

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