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Supervisor Desktop

How Many Desktops is Your Supervisor Using?

Often when it comes to agent experience we talk a lot about having a Unified Agent Desktop, but what about your supervisor? For a supervisor to work effectively and efficiently, they also need a unified desktop that is designed like a cockpit, where they have access to actionable intelligence and ability to make decisions based […]

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Unified Agent Desktop in Banking Contact Centers
Cisco Finesse Agent Desktops

Role of Unified Agent Desktop in Banking Contact Centers

Banking is one of the foremost industries that need a contact center for its operations on a daily basis. Poor experience in a contact center can scuttle any initiative for overall customer experience improvements. Nowadays, contact centers have become the preferred channel for customers for many services such as blocking a card, checkbook request, balance-related […]

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Happy Agents Happy Customers
Agent Experience, Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop

Happy Agents = Happy Customers

Agents are your contact center superheroes. They are your champions. They are your brand ambassadors, so it goes without saying, Happy Agent equals Happy Customers. In a recent survey by Cisco, 26% of agent time is spent looking for data across multiple screens. Would this time be better spent engaging with your customer? Thus, businesses […]

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