NovelVox Releases Finesse Unified Mobile Agent with Upgraded Features

Finesse Unified Mobile Agent

Upgraded version of the Unified Mobile Agent app offers pragmatic contact center on-floor services for field agents.

Today, customer experience (CX) is the top priority for every contact center. And, with the rapidly growing competition, customers might any day switch to your competitor if CX is not delightful. For consistent service, everyone in the contact center and outside is expected to deliver a seamless experience. But the field agents undergo numerous challenges in delivering personalized service. So, NovelVox, the pioneer in providing contact center solutions, has designed the Mobile Agent app for out-of-office agents that provides similar competencies as available to the on-floor agents.

Features of Finesse Unified Mobile Agent

Considering the popularity of Finesse Unified Mobile Agent, NovelVox has now released the app with upgraded features such as team phone book, team stats, call logs and cache management from among the various other features available to an agent seated at a contact center. Leading to improved call resolutions and reduced average handle time (AHT), some of its remarkable features include

  • Extend on-floor contact center services to field agents
  • Offer customization of the app interface and features as per your operational needs
  • Profit from the low-cost implementation model that saves on infrastructure cost
  • Empower agents with phonebook & team stats
  • Access the app that’s compatible for Cisco UCCE/X and PCCE (both bridged and nailed connection)
  • Save agent’s login time with cache management.
  • View call logs while using the app

Seamless Integration with Mobile Agent App

NovelVox Mobile Agent app can be integrated with CRM, ticketing system, ERP, WFM or any 3rd party application using an open API framework. With this integration, relevant customer information is pulled from backend on to the agent’s mobile/tablet screen. Further, the app interface can always be optimized basis the industry-specific requirements.

“Amit Gandhi, NovelVox CEO quoted, “We are focused on developing solutions that make agents and customer experience memorable. So, we have released Finesse Unified Mobile Agent App with better features. NovelVox is delighted to see the success and popularity of Mobile Agent’s previous versions. The seamless integration is the core of this application through which field agents can avail capabilities like contact center people. Now agents are empowered to deliver quality customer services from wherever they are with their mobile or tablet.” He also added, “Field agents and on-floor agents need to be connected seamlessly for creating consistent customer service. And, businesses are coming on mobile for CX delivery at a much faster pace. This Mobile Agent app extends contact center capabilities for on-field agents to deliver the best. Also, we hope to create such app and gadgets that simplify the life of agents and grow the reputation of contact centers.”

Also, the app is available for download for both Android and iOS users.

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