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NovelVox Joining Forces with Bucher + Suter

Joining Forces with Bucher + Suter

NovelVox products will soon be available on Cisco SolutionsPlus

To create a memorable customer experience, it is essential for the contact center and enterprise application to have seamless integration. Otherwise, agents can frustrate callers in their retrieval of the required information, which leads to higher levels of frustration at both ends.

To address the challenges of contact centers and the potential loss of customers because of poor integration, NovelVox the global leaders in contact center agent desktops decided to enter into a strategic partnership with Bucher + Suter, the leader in the Cisco CRM connector space. This will expand both companies’ reach of integrated products in Cisco’s Contact Center ecosystem, globally. With this partnership, our products will be available on Cisco’s SolutionsPlus Program integration under Bucher + Suter’s SKUs, named as Total Agent Optimization (TAO) for Cisco Finesse.

Further, Bucher + Suter will expand its product portfolio by selling NovelVox solutions as OEM. This will expand Bucher + Suter’s current CRM integration portfolio products to offer a complete CRM service experience. Additionally, it will offer Cisco contact center integration with 50+ applications including EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, Symitar, Jack Henry Associates, Fiserv, FIS and many more. The two leaders will be able to cater to numerous industries including healthcare, banking & finance, insurance, retail, and government. Here we can expand business through their well established and deep-rooted partner network.

“With this strategic partnership, we will be offering industry-specific solutions to enhance the customer experience for all Cisco Contact Center customers. With integration being the foundation for our unified Agent desktop, this partnership will empower agents and expand the TAO’s reach of across Cisco’s universe.” Amit Gandhi, CEO, NovelVox

We have always been keen on integration. Some of our popular products include optimized industry-specific agent desktops, wallboards, mobile agent app, and the world’s only Cisco Finesse Gadget designer. We have the largest library of Cisco Contact Center ready integration. With seamless integration, the contact center can benefit from following

  • Single pane of glass view of customers’ information where all the details related to the caller are displayed on one screen
  • Agents don’t have to switch screen or toggle applications thereby reducing their frustration in handling calls and increasing efficiency.
  • Universal connector that integrates multiple applications (4-5 applications) all at once to see the complete customer journey
  • Read and write data so agent gets all customer info and can perform actions all on one screen
  • Advanced supervisor gadgets that allow supervisors to perform group reskilling, precision routing, barge-in, silent monitoring, etc
  • Save contact center operational cost by saving call AHT and improving FCR
  • Integrates with core business applications for Banking, Credit Unions, Insurance, Healthcare etc.
  • Drag and drop gadget designer to optimize agent desktop Interface best suiting to your business requirements.
  • Improves productivity as agents are able to handle more calls in less time with a touch of personalization
  • Calls can be better monitored and analyzed by supervisors and performance data can be integrated for viewing on animated or gamified wallboards.
  • Mobile agent app to extend your contact center capability to your remote agents for seamless customer experience

Empower your agents with this optimized product that offers industry-specific integration to deliver uninterrupted customer experience in the best possible way. Benefit from this partnership and make your contact center witness exponential growth and appreciation from callers.

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