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Is Your Contact Centre Prepared For Coronavirus Lockdown?

Contact Centre Prepared For Coronavirus Lockdown

The world is witnessing a never before scenario with coronavirus. The count of infected and death cases are increasing each day, affecting individuals and businesses largely. Social distancing and self-quarantine is discussed everywhere, but what about customer service industries? The lockdown has turned out to be a serious issue for companies to keep agents safe without compromising on the customer experience. The blog states the solutions that will help your contact center deal with the situation.

Issues at the contact center during COVID -19

High anxiety –There is anxiety in the environment. The increasing count of positive cases with coronavirus has made customers worried. Now customers are looking for reassurance that things will get better. They want accurate answers and consistent service. Similar worry is among the agents as well. In a stressed environment, agents also need to maintain their calm while handling a call

Increased Call volume – In case of emergency, contact centers, especially government agencies, need to stay prepared to handle the large call volume. There are chances of increased call on hold with numerous customers calling the contact center for queries, majorly focusing on the pandemic.

Reduced productivity – During this uncertain time, there will be numerous employees leaving the company. Even onboarding is a tough task during COVID -19. And, temporary hiring is not a solution as it can risk critical customer data with the business.

IT issues – With lockdown happening everywhere, and nation operating from home, numerous IT issues ought to arise. And the IT department does not even have the luxury of time to resolve every new issue. VPN connections, coding, Internet speed, and more issues affect productivity.

How your contact center can prepare for the lockdown

Business Continuity plans – Spreading like wildfire – COVID-19 – has affected businesses largely. Considering the safety of agents against the spread of the pandemic, organizations need to have the best continuity plan in place that focuses on transiting agents to work from home mode. And, balance it with the delivery of seamless customer experience even from home. From customer queries resolution to business sustenance, it is necessary to have a well-thought plan in place.

Work from home solution – Since work from home is the need of the hour; contact centers require advance solutions to equip agents with seamless transition from on-floor to from home operating. NovelVox offers work from home solution for agents catering to various industries.

  • Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent App – It allows you to switch agents to work from home mode in just 24 hours. The app does not require any VPN access and can run over a simple Internet connection. You can download it from App Store or Play Store and receive a call over a smartphone, tablet or PC. The app secures data as everything is on the NovelVox server and comes with permission access.

  • Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop – Make your agent do more than just calling with work from home agent desktop. With over 70 3rd party application integration, it empowers agents to deliver a personalized experience.

  • Cisco Supervisor Desktop – This software allows supervisors to monitor and manage agents operating from home via app or agent desktop.

Plan everyday schedule – To keep the agents energized as on-floor while operating from home, you need to decide on an everyday routine. On monitoring agents’ performance with supervisor desktop or mobile app, it is essential to motivate them to perform better. You can create a time schedule for them to ditch lethargy that comes up while operating from home.

A team meeting is part of this action. Being connected with the team and often interacting with them boosts their performance and makes them feel valued. Discuss the roadblocks and address them for better customer service delivery. In addition to work, it is necessary to ask for their well-being and hygiene. So, agents are updated and positive.

Available for Customers 24×7 – Software like mobile agent app increase can help your agents operate form any geo-location and increase the efficiency of agents. From home, agents can operate in shifts and cater to customer’s requirements in their preferred time.

Increased call volumes – It is an unsaid truth that there is an increased call volume because of the criticalities, so your business needs to stay ready to handle this volume. So, the software users need to have a good Internet connection and a good interface. NovelVox Cisco Agent Desktop has an intuitive interface and numerous features to empower agents to handle things efficiently.

Because it is not business all the time, here are other things to follow and pitch your agents

  • Keep your hands clean and sanitized
  • Avoiding going out unless it is very necessary
  • Spend some good family time and enjoy the beauty of nature

We all need to handle the situation with calm, technology and unity. NovelVox stands with you in this tough time with the best possible solutions for your Cisco contact center and its quick implementation.

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